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loan of an ear for a moan and a tear..................SNOW

i have an 11 year old and so want to go out there and run around in the snow with him. i feel for him as he only has me and i am missing out on this. It is times like this that it hits you that you cannot. Now when the snow comes i worry about slipping on it, banging my head... the brightness blinding my now sensative eyes...have i rememberd to get enough in. i cant get to hospital appointments and so on.How things can change hey...but i am luckier than most and should be greatful i see the snow,see my boy playing it. and worry about how it can affect my A to b as some folk are bed bound.

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I hear your pain and share it with you, i hope it eases your burden. I have a wee boy just turned 12, hes been out making snowballs and sledging and making snowmen, the dog has happily played with him and i have done some supervision and snowballing. I tried the sledge but only the once! I wear photochromatic lenses in grey, they go quite black so do help. I also have prescription sunglasses too and they help with the glare. I do worry about slipping and falling but then i get a greate urge to get out and play as best i can. I stood at the door for years just being ready to make the hot chocolate and dry them off, this year i got brave.

Hears to you enjoying the fun in the snow in the future. Although i am sick to the back teeth of snow having had it falling here for the last ten days.


my daughter is 13 i am in a wheelchair, i have been stuck in the house since it started snowing on the 18th it driven me mad so know how you feel

although a few mates came round my house with shovels and dug up all the ice around my house (we have had a constant 2inch layer of ice" so we could go out on the piss last night

the thing i miss most is going on a beach and down to the water

but on a positive note the sun is out, and seeing the sun always makes me feel happier :)


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