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Welfare Benefits and Headway--silence?

Where is Headway on lobbying about the disgraceful benefit cuts announced last week by George Osborne? A letter in yesterday's Observer signed by nearly 60 leaders of charities and trade unions about the cuts and Osborne's talk of skivers. People with ABI are affected already and more to come bye bye DLA. Because I got a lump sum in lieu of pension from my employer I'am not eligible for many benefits-so much for 35 years solid work. The same is probably true for many others.

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I'm in a similar position, I was on IB for 2 1/2 years while my employer sorted out my pension then IB was stopped; yet I was still called for an assessment where the DR said that it was a disgrace that I'd been called. When I go t my lump sum I was told I had to repay the IB for the period that the lumps sum should have been paid. The benefit system is a nightmare, where there is no one to talk to face to face. Since my ABI I have found it very difficult to say yes or no because I am never sure, the response to this by benefit system is that of suspicion. My consultant has told me that a problem for ABI's is that 'we' often look far better than we are


As far as I am aware Headway have been raising issues regarding benefit changes ever since the changes were first mentioned. I am sure a HUK person will come along and confirm or deny this.


These issues are indeed very important and we recognise the difficulties many people with brain injury are having with the benefits system at present. Rest assured that we have raised our concerns with politicians and via consultations, and we are continuing to press for urgent action to be taken in order that people affected by brain injury are not discriminated against by the welfare system.

However, while this forum is open to all discussions relating to brain injury, it may be more appropriate for discussions of this nature (particularly where a response from Headway is requested) to be made directly to the charity. That way, we can answer any questions you may have in more depth.

You can read some of our consultation responses on our website at headway.org.uk/consultation... and we will continue to report on the welfare reforms via our website and our quarterly newsletter, Headway News.

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