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On Friday, I had my trocatheric bursa chopped. This has been causing me an awful lot of pain, since last October. That was when I went for a normal run at lunchtime, and came back, fine. But then, my bum started hurtining during the afternoon. I had to take the next day off work 'sick', as it hurt so much to walk. And it's been hurting ever since.

I paid a fortune to a physio, then changed, and paid a fortune to a different one. She was lovely, but in the end she said "Look, if what I am doing isn't making any difference...", and sent me to the GP, with instructions to send me to the hospital. They tested me there, injected me, scanned me, dithered... but in the end they said "We don't like this, but you've got to have it chopped".

So, I went in for an operation on Friday (a 'trocantheric bursectomy'). Now my hip hurts FAR WORSE than it did before. I mean, getting up and down stairs is hell. I was starting to worry, as I didn't know it would hurt this much. But this morning, the hospital rang me up, to see how I'm doing. I was really pleased about that! They said "Look, we told you to book this week off work, didn't we? Take it easy! What do you mean, you're walking your kids to school? NO! Send your husband instead, or get a taxi. It WILL get better, but for now you should just be inside your house, taking it easy." So I booked a taxi up to school this afternoon. I felt really silly, getting a taxi to replace a ten minute walk. But the doctor told me to, and I will do as I'm told.

I am *desperate* for this pain to go away. I want to be able to run again, but more importantly, I want to be able to walk without pain; stand up and sit down without pain; fer Chrissakes, lie in bed without pain! The nurse on the phone said I shouldn't worry, and it will start to feel better soon, honest. Gosh, I hope so!

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i use a wheelchair and i had the same problem but in my shoulders, and had my first shouder done on 22nd of october, it is normal for the pain to get worse and my shoulder is still painfull now (i am stuck in my electric chair)

realistically the hospital told me its three months before it starts to ease and 6 months for recovery (just in time for my next op in march)

anyway, medication, i hope they have given you some, anti inflammatories seem to work best on this pain (my fentanyl patches barely touches it) but take my diclofenac and some paracetemol on top, and i can notice the difference.

i know this is not what you wanted to hear the first 4 weeks were the worst so get past this and its all easier from then on


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