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Positive outcomes!

My hubby had his BI six and a half years ago. Before he had it he was really into his music, in fact, one of the things he remembers most about coming round on the life support is the fact I'd put a playlist on for him and left it playing next to him so he could hear it as he came around. Last year he came across a group called SHIMS - Scottish Head Injury Music Support group and he is now back playing his guitar and enthusiastic about life in a way i haven't seen since his BI. I just wanted to share this on here to show others what's out there really. One of the most difficult things was finding support, finding other people like us because it IS such a hidden disability. Below are links to SHIMS and to BIEN - Brain Injury Experience Network who are based in West Dumbarton, they are where I first saw SHIMS perform. The lyrics, for me, are very close to home....





BIEN are an amazing group of individuals too, they have put together a video showing what they are achieving as BI survivors and they have a download on there called 'the journey'. If nothing else, it shows we're not alone on this journey, I find it heartening and reassuring when I get low to listen to SHIMS or to watch BIEN - hope it helps someone else out there.

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what an amazing story i had a sah in 2007 to the amusmant of family and enormous relief on christmas day 2007 whilst still in a post operative coma my fiancee playing all my favouite music bochelli african and of course irish folk i am told i opened my eyes and belted out the wolf tones we are the fighting irish then they all knew i wiuld pull through it was a soing played as we took to the field at london irish in the 80s


Thats one of the best things about SHIMS, they are just guys who are really into their music, they sit and play and talk about their experiences so it's therapy on alot of levels. Wolf Tones, not heard them for a while ;)


Where can you get the DVD..?


Hi bluevanman, if you go to this site; otbds.org/bien/ and go to the bottom there is a link to each of their songs that they played on the night, there is also a contact email

enquiries.braininjury@west-dunbarton.gov.uk I expect you can request one there.


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