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any recommendations for interactive games/education/stimulation etc

i am lhelping care for someone who has an aquired brain injury, has cognitive problems & physical challenges, problems walking & reading words & numbers. can have a good conversation but has short term memory issues. he watches lots of films on tv but im looking for ideas to stimulate him mentaly he has improved lots since the summer..i would like to get him physicaly active too as food is becoming increasingly appealing, he used to showjump horses so was a very physical guy till this year.he is in neuro rehab at present during week which varies as to how much he gets done due to staff shortages etc??/

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may sound silly and I did not like doing it, but to help with my fine motor skills I did jg saw puzzles, it takes a lot of eye to hand co ordination


try him with brain training games. theres a website with 3 days free trial called lumosity.com

and u can still play some games after the free trial. its good to help memory. I found it about a week ago and i still play the free games, it helped me.

hope this helps...


See if you can enroll him for Conductive Education, they have seperate Stroke Groups, I go to the local one in Birmingham each week, following my Stroke!



I'd be lost without my Nintendo DS!

I don't do level trendy games just brain training and puzzles. Would recommend the xl

As the slightly larger screen is better for my eyes!

Take care. Linda


I use a mobile device (iPad) - it is my silent friend. It gives me a window to the world outside and allows me to take part in conversations in my own time, at my own pace, research brain stuff, watch tv, etc.... I also used Lumosity (downloaded the app) has great memory games which the kids played along with me. The iPad really helped me practice writing again, stimulating that part of the brain that you need in order to write. I wouldn't be without it!


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