Can someone help me with what are normal feelings after SAH

Hi, its four weeks now since my haemorrhage and as I've posted already, I'm so scared and not in a good place, I'm spending all my time worrying I'm going to leave my babies. Obviously as its so recent I am getting a lot of weird feelings, headaches, nausea etc but when would you seek medical help about your symptoms? Every time I get a new symptom I get really anxious x

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  • no one knows the answer to the future all we can do is make the present count , but worrying over thing is not going to help one bit ... its not going to make any difference to what anyones future is going to turn out like .. you need i think get some more reasurance from your GP putting your mind more at ease .. also have you tried ringing HEADWAY there realy good in offering help and support

    keep ya chin up and best wishes Paul !

  • Hi and thanks for replying. My gp is being really supportive and I know worrying will not change what will happen in the future. If I didn't have a baby and another child I wouldn't be this anxious, I'm a single mum and the thought of leaving my children is terrifying me x

  • what will be will be ... its natural to worry or be anxious ... its early days jord38 , they wouldnt of let you home if they thought you was going to relapse keep calm and be strong for you and your children try to ocupy your mind with something else .. all the best Paul

  • are you able to speak to your consultant, or are you attached to a clinic? worrying about your children is natural.

    Some Dr's do not tell you symptoms so you do not imagine them perhaps you could ask what are the symptoms/side effects and what do they mean? 'WE' often forget to ask the 'what if's' make a list and then make another appointment to see your consultant

  • I feel your pain and totally understand what you are going thru. The fact that you recognise your feelings. and can find your way to a headway site and type words means you are doing better than you think in just 4 weeks/ I have just signd upto headway after 3 years in recovery coz before i was so puddled and got confused with it all.

    "THE HANGOVER" of a BH is exactly what you are explaining./let me put it this way..... If you had a washing machine that was doing things that you thought was not normal or you could not undderstand the symptoms... you would ring an enginner coz you have warrenty and the machine cost you money .well you are that machine and the doctors are the engineers that you have paid for! and the the other suuport out there are like customer services. USE THEM. dont feel your overreacting.That is what they are there for. Consultants/GP's get a VERY HIGH wage for there advice. It helps just to let folks no how you feel just in case. If in doubt just ask my love.

  • Please do not worry. In my experience I was asking questions all the time after I left hospital. I had a SAH from a ruptured aneurysm and suffered a mild stroke too. I still ask questions after 18mths of recovery! For me it was like I had knocked over a jigsaw of myself onto the floor. I had the pieces but I didn't know the picture and how they fit together. Fitting the pieces back together is a ongoing process. During the early months I kept a journal of what I was feeling. Odd sensations, odd reactions, pain that I didn't recognise which I shared with my partner to help him understand what I was feeling. But the most important help I got for me was the Exercise Referral Scheme that the Doctor put me on, which was run at a local gym. I was with a NHS trainer for an hour 3 times a week for 3 months and it was free! He devised a programme to help me get more oxygen to the brain and introduced me to Nordic Walking. The Exercise Referral Scheme is a form of treatment and is a National Scheme that Doctor's have signed up too. In my case this treatment was essential to my recovery as I had to learn to speak again after the stroke and getting more oxygen to the brain helped enormously. You might want to ask you Doctor if they can recommend one in your area. It might help you in your journey. I wish you well.

  • i am not a doctor but my sah in dec 2007 woke feb 2008 to quote a phrase don't panic been there the crying worrying vomiting etc it doies get better as riality settles in life will change dramatically and possibly never be the same as it was headway are excellent as for nausea suggest you see your gp take regular exercise fresh air and a god diet

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