milestones are important aren't they

milestones are important aren't they

13 dec 2007 my life and for those nearest and dearest to me changed for even i had a brain hemmoraghe there i go again my brain hemmoraghe with many thousands having the same i am no the only person to have had one but i was so so lucky not to have suffered any damage other than my balance i now walk with a stick

but life did change despite repeated efforts to find work even for free i haven't been successful to date but i will be my life was aved by my fiancee jacqueline drake with whom i had moved to spain i woke up in london on feb 2 jackie is my love in 2011 i turned 50 and felt useless unable to look after her so decided to release her ofd our marriage obligations i got myself into a very dark place but she got me out the year since although we speak daily have been lonley without her knowing that i probsably wont ever see er again then out of the blue she asks to stay with me for a few days joy utter joy

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  • I hope you had a great time seeing her again x x

  • Thank you she not planning to arrive here till first week in dec plenty of time to clean the house and buy Xmas decorations flowers and candles her fab variety


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