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Is it Doctors patients or patience?


When you google "patience" it tells you it is "the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious"

Just had one of those episodes with a GP.

On the weekend my wife was taken suddenly ill, blinding headache, confused, lost the vision in one eye. We called 999 and the operator went through the Stroke protocol and they dispatched an ambulance and paramedic. The 999 call was put through to A&E whom again suspected a Stroke and then put us through to the Stroke team which is all fine.

My wife was whisked away in an ambulance and because of Covid, we couldn't accompany her. Later in the evening, we received a call to collect her from hospital but to return the next day to see an Ophthalmologist. The Ophthalmologist spotted a bleed behind her eye but couldn't say anymore.

She has been quite poorly since then and mentioned that she only has limited vision in her eye. I telephoned the GP surgery for a referral to a Neurologist/Stroke specialist A GP called me back and the conversation started "why do you think your wife has had stroke ?" I went through the weekend's events and that a similar thing had happened before also she had 5 concussions in 3 years etc. "I don't think your wife had a stroke on the weekend but want to see her immediately".

40 minutes with the GP, going through the case history. Back and forth we went, the GP insisting that since my wife hadn't lost the use of a limb and could speak properly it couldn't possibly be a stroke. Not a conventional stroke, diabetic stroke, ischemic stroke all out of the question. Then he tried the usual grip and touch tests and found out that she had reduced sensation and grip down her right side. Then there was the "Ah!" moment.

So from definitely not a stroke, to possibly being a stroke only took 50 minutes. He then asked "why hasn't your wife seen a neurologist previously because of her head injuries". Deep breath and started counting ......

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So what's next for Sharon ? I know hospitals are pretty chaotic right now and most clinics on hold, but has the latest GP made any moves to arrange a neurology consultation, with some urgency ?

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With the NHS upside down, the "urgent" blood test isn't going to happen until the 8th of October and then there is a 2 week turn around. She had an "urgent" MRI booked in March this year and our health board are only doing "critical" scans.

However, in 2012 it took me 2 years to see a Neurologist because even though our health board is the largest by area in Wales we don't have a Neurology department. Swansea has one and that cover our area as well but they have a small team to cover 10,000 square miles !

I have zero hope that she will see anyone in the next 18 months. The only way she will see someone is to sadly have a really chronic episode and be near a hospital where they can interevene quickly. Which is a very, very stark outlook.

At the moment I am writing to our MP, there is no justification for having to wait 5 weeks for the results of something as simple as blood test. In that time, what ever they are trying to find may not be there. However, for certain conditions, getting a blood test rapidly could make a massive difference to the outcome of treatment.

In June my cousin who's 52 was diagnosed with heart failure. He has his first appointment with a consultant, an urgent appointment, in November.

Thinking of you and your wife.

I believe some of the problems these days is that the we has become desensitised to peoples lives with 42,000 dead from Coronavirus, long waiting lists for treatment get little air time.

When it gets to close to home, it becomes very personal trying to get that through to the medical teams is quite hard.

I found out today, that MRI and CT scanners are sitting idle in our local hospitals because they are only doing scans for emergiencies because they are a risk for the staff due to Covid. Yet the same staff could go to the pub, launderette, supermarket etc.

I hope all investigations to the cause gets dealt with asap.

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Now it has happened a few times, it is an odd feeling, sort of like waiting for something to happen but the opposite, if you get the meaning

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Sorry, I tend to press like to let others know i gone on seen post, but at time unable to respond ,just so limited with time on own.

I just hope you both get answers asap, and your wife stays safe with such uncertainity with health providers. But you need to look after yourself too, your wife needs your strength. Good luck and hope we hear some positive news shortly.

I am sorry to hear about your problems with doctors. I have trouble with my feet from years of not wearing the uncomfortable walking aids in the house that they gave to me. I also have problems with my ass of a GP writing Asperger Syndrome for my medical condition from a botched assessment by a psychiatrist les than six months after my cycling accident. The car hit my right lower leg and left me with a permanent foot drop on my right foot.

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Hi, That's the main issue, I have with GP's they don't listen. Especially when you have lived with a condition for a long time and know how it affects you and what works and what doesn't

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