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Nuero rehabilitation


Hi ... my son Craig is now on week seven after his grade 5 SAH and in a vegetative state .... we are now looking towards rehabilitation for him....we live in blackheath and the options we have been give are ..... Northwick Park in Harrow... Royal Hospital for Nuero Disability in Putney and a private hospital called Wellington which take NHS patients sometimes ... But we are open to recommendations so if anyone can help it that you’ve had treatment in these places or know someone who has I will be really grateful for any feed back’s an absolute minefield out there so much unknown .... so glad I found this group. Thank You All x


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Sorry I can't help Jacque as I'm in the NW, but just wanted to wish you well in finding the ideal placement for Craig. I'm so sorry Craig's condition hasn't improved but I hope there will be better days to come for all of you.

I hope you'll get some answers m'dear ; maybe Headway could be of help ?

All best wishes, Cat x

Kurien in reply to cat3

So sorry to hear your news, Jacque. I cant really help either being in the wrong area, however, once Craig shows some signs of recovery, I do think hyperbaric oxygen could be helpful . MS Therapy Centres often have chambers, but that is sometime in the future. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. xx

Claudeandbaby in reply to Kurien

Hi Kurien ..... I haven’t heard of this treatment ...have you had it for aTBI .....

sending love and prayers xxxx

Kurien in reply to Claudeandbaby

No, but it has been recommended and I have been in touch with local MS Therapy Centre for when they reopen as they have a hyperbaric chamber. Anything is worth a try, but different things work for different people. Good luck.

Claudeandbaby in reply to Kurien

Hi Kurien.... I will definitely look into it .... that’s what’s great about this group we find out things we may never of known.thank you. Did you have a SAH .... what is your story ... xxxx

Claudeandbaby in reply to cat3

Hi Cat ......thank you so much for your reply.... Craig is being moved on Tuesday to RHND in Putney ...I just hope it’s ok ..... .

take care and stay safe xxx

cat3 in reply to Claudeandbaby

Fingers tightly crossed for a good outcome. I really hope this proves the ideal facility for Craig's ongoing rehab. I'm sure you're aware of the long road ahead Jacque ; I wish you strength and faith m'love, and for glimmers of light at the end of the tunnel.

Hope it's a smooth transition and look forward to hearing updates once Craig is settled. Love Cat x

My partner is currently in royal hospital in Putney, he’s only been there for a week however. It seems as if they are good at what they do

Sending good wishes to you and for your son

Thank you....I am really struggling... with every aspect of this ... thank you for you kind thoughts xxx

I would suggest that you contact the National Neuro Rehabilitation Centre at Queens Square London. I think that they be able to provide you with some advice and options. Good Luck and fingers crossed ......It will be a long hard road to recovery but giving up is never an option ;-)

Hi Jacque

So sorry to hear about your son.

Just wanted to share that my daughter was at the RHND in Putney for 9 months and whilst she wasn’t ‘awake’ enough to benefit from rehab proper the doctor there got her medically stable. She was in a minimally conscious state for 2.5 years and is now fully conscious so I would say the RHND is a great place to try.

Hi 14 th

Thank you for that it really helps ...Craig is going there on Tuesday ...I am so worried and scared ... did your daughter have a SAH .... was it a nice place for her to go ? I don’t know what to expect and we haven’t been able to visit because of covid . Is your daughter home with you now.... I hope so.....I wish you both good luck xxxx

No, my husband had a TBI in early March and physically is fine, but his memory is really not good at all, although some people, on this site, have told us that we are expecting too much too soon! Best of luck to you all.

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