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Neuro optometric rehabilitation


Hi All, looked for the original post on this but couldn't find it , sorry.

Here is my report on my assessment.

I acted on that post and did some research, found a practioner in the greater Manchester area and radar had my assessment.

I'm so uplifted, they think hey can help with my balance and a couple of other issues I have. Because they are so busy I have to wait til January but that's a small ask.

I was so impressed and happy with the whole experience I could have cried. To have professionals understand and listen to you and know what you are talking about is amazing.

So thank you whoever it was that pointed me in that direction, I have more hope than I ever had that I can take more steps towards that norm. 😀

I'll keep you all informed

Janet x

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Fabulous news! Glad to hear you sounding so positive and happy. Quite uplifting really

A x

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Thanks Andyx

That's brilliant! It's such an amazing experience when they finally start listening instead of treating you like you're bonkers. Of course, the real test will be the rehabilitation itself. But the fact that they took you seriously and knew what you were talking about - that's a positive sign.

Please keep me (and others) informed. I have no idea when my appointment will be, but it should come in a letter this week or next. I'll share my experience too.


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Will do Lia, I have to wait a while but I can do that.

The Optometrist said I must go to the gym too, so will do that soon.


Great news Janet.

Love n hugs


Thanks Random J x

It's such a relief finding someone who really listens.

I saw a new neuro consultant last Thursday at Withington hospital and he recited my history over the past 6 years without consulting any notes.............think I may have found a good-un !

I'm so pleased you've found cause for celebration Janet ; be interesting hearing how it goes in 6 months, & something to look forward to. :-/

Love Eileen xx

Hi Janet, really pleased it went well for you. Kx

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Hi Aqua, bet the next 6 months drag a bit. I want to get going now😀


Hi Eileen it was brilliant they understood exactly what I was experiencing, and how it had been for me, I'm so sorry this isn't routinely done with all brain injuries. Sometimes it won't be needed but how many people would benefit.

I am really hopeful that it will help.

Glad you feel hopeful with your new neuroconsultant.


Something I posted ?

I found mine very useful told me more about what was wrong with my vision and balance than any of the neurologists I have seen.

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Hi Sospan I think you did add to the original post and it's great to have the validation from others. So, yes I'm very hopeful this will push me on to the next level of recovery.

Thanks Janet x

Great news Janet : ) Was this a private consultation rather than NHS ? Angela x

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Yes Angela it is not available on the NHS. And I will have to pay for each session I attend with them, I'm just hoping I will be able to claim back half the costs through my simply health scheme like my acupuncture.

I feel it should be available to all but they are not widespread, I feel I was lucky to find one relatively close.

I also found a clinic offering Neuro- physio therapy in the Manchester area, who offered help with vestibular problems and I was going to give them a try too but I think I'll see how this goes first

Janet x

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