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Nhs vs private rehabilitation


Prime pysiotheapy

Anyone heard of or used this private neuro physio/rehab I think they are based in Cambridge anyone used prime physio, do you have any comparison to nhs rehab? I’m very interested to know as likely to be coming to an end with my nhs rehab very soon

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Hi Cwar90,

I don’t have any personal experience of Prime Physio but I do know that they are very well regarded within Neuro physio circles.


Private companies ultimately are there to make money. If you have private health insurance, then it might be worth a go. If you don't then however good they are, or regarded, you have to balance recovery against money. This is a hint at what we may all face in the political climate.

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I don’t have private healthcare no I would be paying as a private patient I appreciate Kate the nhs massively without the nhs I would not be here today but my priority is my recovery and getting to a certain level I want to walk again just short distances with a walking that is my goal I have seen some amazing results/stories from prime physio

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It has to be your choice, I don't know what rehab is like now. Where I had my hiccup, the NHS rehab didn't have a limit. Where I am now, it is non-existant.

Try to get as much as you can from the NHS, or you may just end up paying for what you could get anyway. I have known a few people that gained mobility, from walking frame to no stick with the NHS.

You will do what is right for you.

The NHS rehabilitation is finishing? Would it be possible to be referred elsewhere such as community physio etc? I saw Physio’s in 3 batches mainly since they couldn’t get a handle on what was the problem.

Until I had a assessment and then vestibular bits and bobs, but I’d hope you could be reseen? The various physio have always made it clear that if anything changed I can see them again.

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