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Have you had radiation on a brain tumor?

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The doctor was unable to remove all of my tumor because of where it was located.

I will be seeing him today and I will be discussing what his plans are for the remainder of the tumor.

I know that radiation and/or chemo is used sometimes. I'm wondering if anyone here has been through it and their thoughts on it.

Thank you.

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Mine was a AVM and I had Stereotactic Gamma Knife surgery and I understand the same method can be used for a tumor.

So I can tell you about that procedure but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.

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I'm not familiar with that.

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The Brain Tumour Charity site has information concerning radiation treatment this is the stereotactic page:


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Thank you. I saw my doctor yesterday and he said that although he did not get all of my tumor he got most of it and cauterized the rest. He said I'll need to see him in 5 months and get a MRI. So I'm not going to worry about radiation.

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I was diagnosed with a tumour on the brain stem back in 1996.

The tumour was causing hydrocephalus as well so I had to have a shunt installed.

The tumour could not be completely removed as it had calcified during the surgery which means it is still blocking the flow of CFS which means I must keep my shunt in all the time.

In 1998 I was diagnosed with a cyst which was next to the tumour.

I had radiotherapy on the cyst.

Toward the end of my radiotherapy my walking balance became very very bad and it took my parents to hold me upright.

MRI scans were showing that the cyst was throbbing/pulsing and causing pressure to the bottom/back of the brain, the cerabellum. The part of the brain responsible for motor skills and balance.

I have been throuh a fair few operations in the past.

I hope there is no more to go as well :).

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Oh my, you have had a rough go of it. How are you doing now? So sorry you have had to endure so much.

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I am doing very well at the moment, thanks.

The last time I had to have surgery at the hospital was in 2010. I had operations on my shunt.

I have been very well since and I really do believe that diet plays a major role.

Back in the 90s my diet was terrible. Lots of sugary foods and fizzy drinks and hardly any fruits or veg. Then I was diagnosed with my first tumour and then a cyst 2 years later.

I had to go through more ops, as I was saying.

From 2010, or maybe a bit later, I started coming away from all that sugar intake and I was looking and feeling much better.

I eventually started doing some research on fruits and veg and I now incorporate a lot more of them into my diet now and feel lots better for it.

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No doubt our diets are important in how we feel and our health. I'm glad to hear you are doing good.

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