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Hobbies at home

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Hi everyone. I am new here. I’m recovering at home after having a brain haemorrhage 6 months ago. I’ve got double vision, frozen vocal chords and balance problems. Has anyone got any good news for me? Also, I’ve been told I need a hobby - eek! I’m not a hobby-type person. I read, look after kids, etc., but has anyone got any suggestions of what I might do? I’m not very creative myself but can copy other people’s things if that’s any help. Would be grateful for any suggestions.

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Colouring books maybe. If ur sight is ok with it. If ur not critical with how u do it maybe-i know i am,i cheat & get Colour By Numbers one's. If u have a shop called The Works,have some,maybe they might have other ideas aswell.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I had thought of colouring books so I might well get one. I think it must be relaxing. I’ll try the place you said.

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It does for me,up to a point. Good luck with the hobbies,whatever u try.

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Also just by coincidence i found something in a charity shop today-an origami book! Tho have to admit it was only cos it was Star Wars i noticed! LOL

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Ha! You’ll soon have lots of little paper Yodas around. Have done some colouring today. Hmmm...there’s a lot to do. Will see if I can finish it. Enjoy the origami.

Between the ages of 7 and 14 what made you laugh/smile/relax, what hobbies did you do? Do that as a hobby. It will be most hard wired in your injured brain and will therefore provide most pleasure as it will feel most familiar and satisfying and will be the easiest to grasp again. Ask your family for help in remembering or look at photos.

My hobby is breathing. Not just any old breathing, but special relaxing breathing to facilitate complete relaxation in every part of the body namely meditation.

I add to this yoga - I can sit on the floor in "child's pose", shut my eyes and breathe into the tension in my body without engaging the eyes which may help to reduce feeling of imbalance. Its lovely and can often doze off!

Other ones I like on the floor still with eyes shut are to sit with both legs out straight and try to touch my toes / ankles/ knees with my hands, elbows, forehead etc Also to lie on my back with knees up by chest, wrap arms around knees and rock from side to side, also with eyes shut. Great to send this calming message to the nerves in the spine which talk so often with the brain.

I also do Qi Gong with Youtube videos - I keep searching til I find one that suits me that day, and then often shut my eyes and focus on breathing and repeat. Creating a rhythm with the body and breathing is a great way to pump the blood, regulate breathing, release tension, observe health, reduce worries and generate energy.

Copying a yin yoga video or a Tai Chi video or a Qi Gong video is easy in the privacy of your own home, at your own pace, sitting or standing. In the early days when I had balance problems I would just copy videos and go for short walks until it started to improve.

Also its fun to do with kids, they love copying videos too! It can be fun to do it with them.


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Thanks! That’s a lot to consider. I will have a think about hobbies from my younger days. I feel like I didn’t stick at anything for long but there might be something in there.

I did do my own mixture of t’ai chi/ yoga/ meditation for 15 mins every night before the haemorrhage so I’m definitely interested in that one. I did wonder if it would help with my balance as well, so the fact that it does is a bonus. I’ll give it a try.

Check out artsencaustic.com

I enjoy Encaustic Art. You don’t have to be artistic...just enjoy the wonderful patterns you can make with a small low heat iron and beeswax crayons. The website is full of inspiration. If your children are old enough they might enjoy it too.

Before I had my brain injury I used to run workshops but I can still do this on my own and find it relaxing. If I can help in any way...........

Be kind to yourself.

Thanks. That sounds really interesting and I will definitely check it out. Still trying to be kind to myself.... Does that get easier?

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It’s hard because we are brought up to be kind to others and it feels strange to be kind to ourselves. Keep going though!

You’re right about that one. It’s a constant inner battle. Maybe I’ll get better at it if I keep trying.

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Keep going....👼🏻🙏🏻👍😃

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