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Balance problems!


Hello all, I don't post as much as I probably should but I have been having a problem for over a year that just doesn't seem to be going away. My balance is so bad now I had to quit my job and apply for benefits. I had no problem getting the benefits but that's not the point. I'd love to get back to work but if I can hardly stay on my feet for an hour or two that just won't be possible.

I fell 3 times over the last year hurting myself quite badly and this has dented my confidence quite badly. I'm not sure what I expect to hear from anyone on this forum I'm probably just venting but any suggestions would be most helpful.

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Hi there...have they identified a cause for your balance issues? I know of someone who successfully had some kind of treatment to improve balance post TBI. It involved exercises which she did in her hallway because it was possible to put a hand out to prevent any falls early on into the programme and it was about focus and movement. I will see if I can find out specifics from her - which will definitely be more helpful than my vague rambling.

My balance is still pretty awful and I start to move in a slow diagonal when I walk ...pushing my poor husband into the road or into a hedge/wall as we go down the street. I don't even realise I am doing it, but he and other pavements users are often unimpressed by my antics.

As i forget says do you know, what is damaged and has it ever been assessed?

Balance is essentially your vestibular - inner ear working with your eyes and touch - point in space.

My vestibular system is fairly foo bared, but everything else works and since i had very good balance pre, plus i've had various physiotherapy and recently vestibular clinic which finally did the trick, i'm not cured I can still get vertigo attacks if there isn't enough light etc, but it's miles better and I know why it's happening.

if you haven't already done so, ask your GP to refer you to a balance clinic/ vestibular specialist/ ENT clinic. Even if they think there is irreversible damage to your vestibular system there will be recommended vestibular rehabilitation exercises that you can do sitting down. Over time your balance will slowly improve though it takes a while and may never be as good as before. There are also some medications which may work, similar to what would be prescribed for Meniere's or Labyrinthitis?


From posts I have read over time, balance does seem to be a common symptom.

I looked into this as my balance has bn affected quite bad from an AVM which bleed in my brain last year. It has improved but is extremely slow in doing so. I can't currently walk independently which is really disheartening for me as I love going on long walks. I'm hopeful that it will get much better though. I do daily balance exercises to help it along it's way. You will definitely improve with persistency, it does seem to be slow and you have to have a lot of patience. Like another member mentioned, have you had your vestibular system looked at? For me it's not down to this, it's purely brain related. Just know that you are not alone and there are many individuals here who can advise.


Michael, as others suggest, please ask for a referral to an ENT dept. where they can perform and teach really helpful maneuvers for various forms of dizziness. I'm assuming you still have regular checks with the neuro team ?

However, any invasive surgery in the brain can cause lasting balance issues ; I still have problems 6 years on from a bleed.

Cat x

You definitely need some help and to find out what is causing your balance problems. A physio or something may help. Balance can be improved it just takes varying times. I know a man who has been to BI group I go to a few times needs a walking frame to walk as his balance is so bad but last year on a night out he managed to walk a few metres unaided. He had had physio to help him, but still uses walking frame which could be just for ease. My balance isn’t great and not really improved from me first leaving hospital I put that down to me not needing it to improve. I can walk unaided and do whatever I need to, but balance on one leg or walking on uneven ground I struggle.

Last month the BI group I go to did a 10 mile hill walk which I wanted to do. I expected to manage no problem, but 2 mile in of constant hills I was really struggling even feeling dizzy at one point. My balance was really bad which just made it harder with me having to watch every step I did and the staff having to watch me making sure I was ok. Overall it was a good day for everyone but all 3 staff expected me to not manage more than 2 mile at start. There was no chance I wasn’t going to manage the full walk but need to get my balance better for next one early next year.

Thanks all, I will definitely take on board all that you have said. Lots of great suggestions for me to ingest.

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