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Nose bleeds

According to my mum, everyone/most people seem to get a bit of blood appear on there tissue when they blow there nose, mainly adults. It can happen if you blow your nose too hard.

I have noticed since last year, probably, that my nose sometimes randomly bleeds for no reason, no need to blow. It doesn't run like a tap but it can be like a little trickle.

I had a general MRI scan late last year just to check up on things and apparently I am all clear.

I am sure it is not a great deal to worry about but for me, it is somewhat worrying.

My BI consisted of 2 brain tumours. I have had lots of operations over the years and one of the tumours was not completely removed due to complications.

I'm not looking for answers as such, obviously, but just wanted to share this.

is it normal to get small nose bleeds monthly or every few months?

I hope so because I do not want it to be because of my original brain tumour and I feel fine in my general health.

So as you could probably tell, I do not know what to think.

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Why not phone Macmillan nurses , I do when I am worried tumour wise..


Hi Matt,

My daughter gets regular nose bleed for no apparent reason and always has done since being little (now 29) and for a while they subsided but now are back but at the moment she's under a bit of stress doing her final series of exams to qualify as auditing accountant, looking after a 4 year old new to school, and working one job in a place she dosen't like too much with an employer reluctant to accomodate her parenting needs plus a further private job that she enjoys.

In your situation and your medical history it may pay to jolly along to the doctors to get it checked out or get advice. If it was tumour related because of pressure I'd have thought you would have some serious headaches to go with it but often an optition can tell brain preesure during full eye check up so if your Alan Wicker specs need updating it might be worth a vist there too.

Of couorse on a lighte note it hasn't been caused by a visitor upset by your caractures has it? ;-)

PS they are brilliand and as I've said before you could probably sell them or even just send them in to Headway for a quiz in any update mags they may do to members.



Hi Geoff and thanks :),

I can always get it cheched out I suppose at GP or phone hospital where I originally had my ops. I'm just a little confused.

Like I said, I had an MRI scan late last year and I was fine and I had an optician appointment at the end of April last year and nothing out of the ordinary was brought up.i don't get severe headaches along with the bleeds either.

I did suddenly wonder last night if it was because I sometimes pluck the hairs out of my nose when they get long. Sounds a little daft but could be a valid point :).

I have weaker muscles in the right side of my body, mostly notable in my face. I have the obvious physical effects like I can't wink on the right, my right eye has turned inward, my smile is not as strong on the right and I cannot do a decent Deidre Barlow impression now because of the right vein in my neck fails me haha.

BUT, aside from the obvious, physical weaknesses, I do have internal ones. Taste is not as strong on the right, my teeth are not as strong on the right. I did mention to my docs once that my right ear does not produce as much wax in my right ear than left. He looked at me as if to say "Why would you want wax?" Haha.

I don't usually have probs with the hairs in my right nostril over growing, maybe that is because of the weak side, slow growth. But the left nostril overgrows and whenever I get long hair/s growing from the nostril, I usually pull them out. Maybe this could be a point to think about. It is my left nostril, the stronger nostril that bleeds after all.

I should start using those devices to stick up your nose and trim the hairs, my mum has one but don't always use it. Maybe it is time I should :).


Well I suppose as long as it's only hair pulling and not picking it's OK lol.

Like I said my daughter has suffered from spontaneous nose bleeds when little and they cauterised the offendng blood vessel and all was quiet till recently so maybe both you and her need the same thing.

Apparently once a vessel keeps bleeding it gets weaker so bleeds more.

Still worth popping to GP to get checked out.

If you're going down the nose trimmer route buy a good one. I one bought a cheap one and the hair got trapped in it and and had a multiple hair pluck getting the damb thing out. :-( Nearly put the plucking in the wrong place and miss spelt ;-)


I'm pretty sure it must be the hairs being pulled out of the nose, I can't really see it being anything else.

"Well pluckin' 'ell"

I shall avoid the cheap trimmers.


Sorry, not really responding to the thread, or imparting any knowledge, or advise at all but reading this makes me think of my own experience, and gives me the chance to recount my tale! AGAIN! :( Apologies, My TBI lead to me having a variety of tubes in various orifices entering me! I kept pulling them out, there was no point in reasoning with me, I was un-responsive, so they put my feeding tube in through my nose, and had to thread it through a hole through my septum! Unsurprisingly I am a bit like a healthy dog, in that I always have a wet nose! But other than the one nose bleed I had, and the fact I leave a trail of tissues around my world*, I have no long term repercussions! *They are usually snot laden, and I am so tight I don't chuck um down the loo, till they are truly sodden! So the trail is laid! APOLOGIES folks, as usual its all about me! Hope you aren't eating! and sorry to my family for leaving my trail! ;)

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That is OK if you are not responding to the thread or not offering advice, my post was just sharing my experience with bleeding noses every now and then.

It is OK if I made you think of your own experience though, it means I stimulated your brain :).

Glad you don't have long term repercussions of a bleeding nose and thanks for sharing that there are usually snot laden tissues everywhere haha. Thankfully I had already eaten my dinner once I read this, I just hope it does not come back up anytime soon :).


:) :) :)



I get spontaneous nose bleeds but because I have a clotting disorder they are very dramatic and require clotting meds to stop them.


Hi Matt,

I just had a maessage saying you're following me..... Hope that doesn't make you a stalker lol ;-)

I just been to your profile and see the background is a picture of a Kingfisher. Is that one of yours?

Yous do have talent. They're great to see flitting over the water, though you've got to be quick to see them.

Take care and think about giving a yess no to caricature/sketch 17 from OFF TOPIC.

Keep it up



Hi Geoff,

That is right, I am now stalking you haha. I was stalking Emma but then got bored haha, kidding.

Yep, the Kingfisher is one of my pics. In the first week of September I went on a little holiday on a barge with some friends for a week.

We were on the Kennet and Avon canal. My friends had been before many times but for me it was my first time away. I loved it, very peaceful.

The Kingfisher seemed to be the most notable bird to the group of friends I was with and whenever they saw one they would shout out "Kingfisher!" And I was looking around everywhere thinking "Where?" :).

One of the friends of the group runs a disabled group that she created over 30 years ago. I became a member of the group in 2010, I think, and I love it there.

The group has gone out on many occasions to the theatre and other outings and I normally draw a 'thank you' card. The Kingfisher I drew was part of the 'thank you' card :).

I tried to leave a coment to the 'Caricature #17/Matt-bat #17' post but the site must have buggered up cos it failed to send haha. I shall get onto that.

Take care,



By the way, I see you're now following me. Is that because you wanted to be friendly? Haha.

There is no use in a stalker following a stalker :). Kidding.


Stalker chacing Stalker means going round in circles. As long as we don't catch each other up we'll be fine.... Dizzy but fine lol :-)

Have you given answer yet to your quizz. Only just back on so going through responses first before checking... Lazy or what!


There woulld be little point in stalker on stalker haha.

I have given the answer to my quiz. You might have missed it but the answer was "Strike a light".


Yes after I said my silliness on this thres I checked the answer. Cor blimey mate, 'strike a light' that was cool dressing guv!


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