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pip assessment

hi i have a pip assessor coming out to the house in 3 weeks im so worried about it i have heard so many horror stories, has anyone had the assessor come out to the house? i have been told its a good thing i just hope they believe the thing's i tell them, i have trouble mixing with other people,cant cross the road safely, and cant cook by myself, wish me luck.

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Sorry, don't have experience of this myself - but good luck anyway :-)


I had experience of PIP assessment. I would strongly contacting Your local CAB or welfare and benefits assessor to visit you at home before the assessment. Your PIP form should be completed by you with the help, before the assessor visits you at home. pip questions are more complex than the DLA. For example, I naively answered yes I can read, but assessor did not ask any deeper questions. The report I received said I could read complex sentences and understand and had good short term memory and long term memory because I could remember my TBI 5 years ago, oh and I remember i was due for MRI scan the following week. Now, I know I should have said it depends on fatigue, environment, noise, in pain.

A website Ithink called. Welfare and benefits, I think has a picture of a pink dog, which has descriptors for each question.

If you need any further help message, just shout😊

I had a fight but I won 😊


Agree with everything Sem has said. Just like to emphasis how important it is to describe your abilities on a typically bad day.

And use the link for the benefitsandwork website mentioned by Cindy ; it's a brilliant site which offers one to one help for a small subscription. Good luck.

Cat x

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Hi :) good luck with your assessment. I've sent you a p.m.

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dla to pip ?


yes im on dla low care and low mobility, indefinitely at the mo.



Try the above link!


Yes Cindys link to a benefits website would be a good place to look. We had an assessor come to the house a few years back, following my sons brain injury. It wasn't too bad.

At the time my son had a very compromised short term memory which hindered everything he tried to do on a daily basis and that was fairly obvious to the assessor.

I would make sure that someone is with you when they visit. My son certainly could not have gone through his assessment alone. At the time, he was also prone to say the exact opposite of what he meant - which had to be explained. We have been receiving PIP since that time and are now going through a review. He will definitely NOT get mobility benefit and possibly NOT get daily living component which will make life harder - however, this of course means he is getting better so I can't be sad!

Don't worry. Good luck. X


I had a PIP assessment visit about a month ago. Very nice woman who went through all the prescribed questions but no way did I qualify because the questions simply did not relate to my type of problems! I am in bed in pain and on oxygen and can get up to toddle to the loo and prepare a light meal, dress and wash. My fatigue and pain, eye and hearing problems and painful feet which preclude walking any distance and inability to drive simply did not count - there were no questions about that just about physical disability per se. It was not her fault - the form was not drafted with the consequences of head injury in mind. There is room for some campaigning there surely?


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