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PIP assessment


I just had my assessment and the assessor seemed alright.

I remember some “doctors” that saw me from the DLA assessments seemed quite cold.

Anyhow, this doesn’t mean anything. It is now down to the DWP and I have got a feeling that I won’t be awarded even though I am entitled to it.

So, I think I will be asking for further help from my Headway.

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Bet your glad that's over Matt, had mine Wednesday it's horrid. Got a text today telling me they'll let me know within 6 weeks. I'm same although I gave them all the info I could, it's whether I fit into their tick boxes ??? Girl that did mine seemed to young, said she was also a Pilates Instructor so what kind of medical career leaves time to have another occupation ??

Matt2584 in reply to Dennydjhaz

Very glad it’s over. I wasn’t worried about the assessment or anything but I didn’t exactly feel comfortable talking to the assessor.

As Isay, my Headway will back me up if I have further problems :).

Keeping my fingers crossed that you're wrong about the result Matt ! xx

Matt2584 in reply to cat3

Thanks cat, I hope I am wrong about the result too. Though I do think that even if I was awarded I don’t think I would be getting as much as what the DLA gave me.

But I have been told by my Headway that if I am not so happy with the payment and I should be getting more then Headway can again help me.

I should be getting what I am entitled to. When DLA was around, it was by law that they pay you money. Now it seems PIP seem to be above the law which is very wrong.

Fingers crossed for you 🤞🤞🤞🤗🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Matt2584 in reply to Shon48

Thank you shon :).

Hope you both get your award which rightfully you should. Still fighting for my husband 😡

Matt2584 in reply to Tia-01

Thank you Tia :).

And I hope the fight for your husband’s PIP works out in the end :).

Hi Matt,

I hope you get your (reward) deserved PIP hopefully you will not have long to wait. I forgot to say how much I loved your lashes picture again it was so lifelike. Take care love Liz xx

1949liz in reply to 1949liz

Sorry should have read last picture x

Matt2584 in reply to 1949liz

I was thinking “I don’t remember drawing any eyelashes” haha.

Thank you though :).

And thanks again, I hope I get what I am clearly entitled to as well.

Hi I had my PIP assessment over a year ago and failed. Be wary my assessor lied all the way through the report. I'm in the process of going through an appeal. Did have it back in October I think and the judge stopped it because the lady from the law centre didn't send in the paperwork on time. Said 4-6 weeks and still waiting. The thing that gets me, I don't fit into the boxes, its not my body that the problem its my brain that doesn't work probably, since my brain operation.

Matt2584 in reply to Chelle3069

I have heard/read so many cases where the assessor had blatantly lied and “doctored” the report to how they wanted.

The DWP/assessors really need to work on how the brain works especially when damaged. And also not all damages have the same result.

Person A could have a brain tumour. Person B could have a brain tumour in the same location as A and they could both have the same operation/surgery but they could both end up with completely different affects.

As many BIed people will tell you, a brain injury is a hidden disability. You could look completely fine on the outside, walk and run and have good coordination and confidence and so on but on the insde you could really suffer with fatigue, processing things and so on which others cannot see.

cat3 in reply to Matt2584

I think it's time for claimants to openly record the interviews to put an end to the 'misinterpretations' from assessors. No harm in explaining that we need to keep a record of the interview "Owing to severe memory deficit".

Matt2584 in reply to cat3

In the leaflet that came with my PIP letter it did say about using recording equipment and if you wanted to use equipment you would have to let them know a few days in advance and obviously the claiment would have to buy the equipment.

But even that is very wrong. Why do you have to let them know beforehand? Most probably so they can prepare themselves and ask different questions at the assessment?

And we shouldn’t have to go out and by equipment. First of all, if we were low on cash then we would likely need the benefits to go and buy recording equipment in the first place.

This whole PIP benefit system/ATOS sho

Matt2584 in reply to Matt2584

Should be sued.

I remember having a quick look at the ATOS website. Their full name is ATOS healthcare.

Well with all these benefit cuts they obviously don’t show a lot of care do they?

Another massive lie to go along with all the other massive lies out there.

cat3 in reply to Matt2584

I think letting them know is all part of the Bull**it ; I'm not sure they can't prevent you from recording the proceedings on your own mobile phone.

Obviously they'd need to be informed that you're recording, but refusing to allow it would be like admitting there's something underhanded about their motives.

Even the police aren't allowed to interview suspects/witnesses without formally recording the whole interview. But for those like ourselves with acquired memory loss it's essential in any official setting.

My son always records conversations with employers or bank officials so he can refer to things they've said if necessary, but quite up front about it. xx

Take your phone in - use sound recorder - records well enough. Tell them it is getting recorded due to recollection issues. Amazinlgy seems to work in some instances. . offer to send them a copy of it after via a google drive / drop box link via email- keep this copy. that way covers all bases and that they cannot bullshit their report. ask also if they are also recording the interview. watch them. better to keep recorder going as pretty damn sure if they are recording, it will get 'lost' or written report doctored if they have been 'advised on reducing amount of successful claims'

Would also look into the legalities of recording either openly or covertly. as If they are recording it, and not advised you of this, they could be in doo doo.. hence why tell them its being recorded..

I remember from my PIP assessment, if you recorded it you had to supply a copy there and then, well according to their rules. If that is different now, I'll record the next one. I was lucky in having a ministry approved Dr's report to counter the PIP work of fiction.

yeah even if that still the case about giving a copy at the same time, you should be ale to pass them the link. then they can d/l it. save on your costs for expensive kit. no doubt they are already using this secretly - wouldn't put it past them.

glad you had drs report for it though.

Good to know. Ministry of Health Approved Dr versus Atos, no contest, DWP can't argue either 😀

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