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A question about tbi and stroke) heart attacks


I probably Shouldn't be asking this but is there ANY known Link between strokes and heart attacks and tbi,as I was at a military veterans conference last week and some guy was saying how he'd had SEVERAL heart attacks following his tbi , I googled it and it comes up with there actually IS A 😱 commonality, what should I do I wondered why sometimes out side even I'm the street or shopping centre my heart always seems to start beating FASTER boooohooo I'm in the UK, should I go and see my Dr about it and will My Post traumatic epilepsy seizure drugs help maintain it. I most definitely definitely definitely shouldn't have googled it and worried myself about it. Speak soon guy's and just be honest with me if you've heard anything about this happening before.

David x

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Never heard this one before but yes found it quite easily, however I would wonder about your described heart beating faster, which you'd normally think was anxiety related.

I'm guessing the cascade effects, described here academic.oup.com/bjaed/arti..., are during the early months following a TBI.

I'd ask my GP but don't be surprised if this research hasn't filtered down. It's very easy to become overly concerned about your mortality once you've experienced an event which may have resulted in death.

I've only heard of the situation in reverse, where a heart attack involving temporary loss of oxygen to the brain can result in hypoxic brain injury. But the symptom you describe is more consistent with anxiety ; panic attacks can mimic heart issues with breathing difficulties, dizziness and chest pain...……..and definitely fast heartbeat.

See your GP who should be able to check you over and put your mind at rest. And, unless you already have good medical knowledge/experience, stay away from the internet for health matters ; symptoms can have countless different causes and heart attacks after brain injury are just as likely to be nothing more than coincidence ! 😧

Best wishes. Cat.....

im a vet myself ( ex crab ), id go and dicuss it with your gp, but im sure if you maintain a healthy diet then there shouldnt be a problem.

the speeding up of your heart could be your brain sub conciously thinking about the crowds and the noise as you walk into the supermarket or if youre in a crowd ( i dont like crowds and i dont like noise ).

have you sat down and thought about how your life has changed since your abi ? that might be a good place to start and see what you come up with. something else that might help is if you joined your local monthly headway group, youll meet other people with abis who you can talk to who know what youre talking about because theyve been through the same thing.

welcome to the group david, anytime you want to chat or just let off steam we re here, its like another family, if you get my drift mucker.


I know some people who have anxiety after BI which could probably make your heart beat faster but higher chance of heart attacks I wouldn’t of thought so. I know there is higher chance of having seizures after BI not completely sure about how long for but chance lessens each year after but as far as I’m aware that is the only health risk and it is something like 1 in 10 chance at highest.

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