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Confused and fed up


Hi all, I’m looking to get advice and support. Had an accident at work back in July, was not a serious one (someone slammed a door into back of my head) did not lose consciousness although saw stars, no cut or even a bump. Have passed out three times since, constant headaches and dizzy spells and general feeling of lethargy and confusion. Now have had a CT scan and it was all clear thankfully so as you can imagine I’m really feeling very low as to why still feeling like this now, i am on sick leave as my Work refuses to let me back till doc clears me 100% which is also frustrating especially as it was their fault (I work in McDonald’s and they had no lights but still stayed open which resulted in the person opening door onto me as could not see me) sorry turned into a rant there. Anyway overall just feeling low and sometimes like a fraud cos was not like a extreme accident. I do suffer from borderline personality disorder which makes me think could that be a factor?? Any advice would be great. Thanks xx

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If you're struggling for your accident to be taken seriously by your HR dept., maybe phone the Headway helpline (0800 800 2244 - office hours) to ask about recourse for the injury at work.

I've enclosed a link on the subject of Concussion and Post Concussion Syndrome below :-

Hope this helps m'dear………. Cat x‎‎

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PS the link to Headway doesn't work, but if you select the 'search for your page' link and then select 'Submit' it'll take you to Concussion information.

you say they had no lights but still remained open, this sounds like a health and safety issue to me. if there had been lights would the person have been able to see you?


I'd expect a better job from my GP, I'm presuming you at least had an appointment with your GP to discuss the results and the implications. As Cat3 said a call to the Help line would get be a good start.

As for your 'rant', I think you're being too kind to McDonalds, looks like cause for a personal injury claim to me.

The returning to work before your GP saying it's OK is entirely reasonable, suddenly Health & Safety is important to them, mmm.

Hi. I can totally understand why you aresaying it's not a severe accident. I have often felt like you. I fell at work and banged my head and I'm still off work. Your accident is serious though. Do you know if the relevant accident forms were filled in. Try and find out because they need to be filled out and sent to the relevant department. Citizen advice should also be able to help you with information on your legal rights. I am signed off with post concussion syndrome. Some good days some horrible days. Have the dr's mentioned post concussion syndrome to you. I have had to slow everything down. I used to run 3 or more times a week along with other excercise now I'm lucky if I walk round the block. I try and say to myself things will improve but some days it's not as easy to think positive. Don't hesitate to make an appointment with your GP that's what they are for. I've cried many a time in my GPs office over this. I was never at the dr's before this. Take care 😃

hi thankyou, because of my abi i forgot about the accident forms, also the the fact fact there was no lighting needs to be put on it.

if " normal " people really knew how long it took to recover, sorry you never fully recover from a tbi or an abi and what we and our families actually go through.

good luck


Hi -I feel so badly that this has happened to you - I will be praying for you. This may be perceived as "cornball" to a lot of people, but since becoming a born again Christian 48 years ago - I take a daily prayer hour (it keeps me from losing it, helps others, and has become a total way of life) I will be praying for you (the Lord knows who Cuddlymum is, better than you know yourself) I have a neighbor who is receiving truckloads of money every month, because of a bad accident (special education student throwing her) and as far as I can see, she will be receiving that for life. You need to get yourself a good lawyer - McDonalds has to answer for your unfortunate accident, they cannot weasel their way out of an accident that happened on their property to an employee. Please do this, as your head injury sounds like it's very serious business. My prayers and thoughts are with you !!

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