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nerve damage


I notice people on here have experienced the same thing i am going through so I would be grateful if i could get some advice.

here is what happen.

I went to get blood work done and the technician apparently stuck me in one of my nerve. this was16 days ago. The pain was like electric shock that went all the way down my arm to my fingers. I went home thinking it would be OK and didn't think much about it. I just try to baby it for the rest of the day. 2 days after I try to take some clothes out of the dryer which is a stock able and my arm went completely back in that electrical shock that i felt went the needle was inserted. I told my husband he should take me to the ER the next day to see whats going on. the doctor in the ER said it sounds like a nerve was hit but says it should heal. he stated there is nothing much he could do and that i must follow up with my GP within a week if the pain still remains.

yesterday I followed up with my GP and she suggest i see a orthopedic. at this moment i cannot extend the arm fully neither up or down. my thumb is stiff and i cannot point it upwards.the thumb is weak and sometimes it go numb. i have a burning sensation below my thumb and i am watching the muscle below the thumb wasting away. the palm of my hand is in constant pain and for the past few days I've been having neck pain. i ask my doc about the neck pain and she say it could be because of the nerve been hit.

I need some advice so I am asking if anyone ever experience anything like what I'm going through?

if so, how long did it take to heal.

even though I'm seeing the ortho in 6 days from today any advice would help. thank you in advance.

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Nerve damage can take years to heal if it does, theres no guarantee. My GP suggested i go for acupuncture which has helped immensely but i still get days when i could cheerfully chop my arms off!

My arms have pains in from the elbows down into my fingers and thumbs and gave had since my stint in a fona. I presume its because of how i was lying in the b d and of course i wasnt aware of any discomfort at tgat time. That was 6 years ago now, It depends on whether the nerves involved will regenerate no-one can tell.

But i keep on hoping and have learnt to live with it now.

Hope you have a much speedier recovery.

Janet x

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thank you Janet. i totally agree. sometimes i feel like i would get rid of the arm too. however i hope it don't get any worse than this. sorry to hear about your pain

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sounds like a sue job

Acupuncture can help. So can a homeopathic cream or oral remedy. Am in the US, so not sure if you have a homeopathic pharmacy or need to see a homeopath. So sorry this happened to you!

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