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Clinical Review

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We have been called to a clinical review at the rehabilitation centre that Kev is at the moment. I am both anxious and apprehensive as this is where the clinical staff get together with the family and we discuss his progress so far and what they hope to achieve in the future. I am wondering whether at this 8 month point whether they will be able to tell me what sort of recovery he will make and how long until they think he will be able to come home. I visited last week and he was not aggressive at all and was very sweet and loving - I have never been as happy, I got lots of hugs and kisses :-) Obviously he is still very confused and his memory is shot but I actually saw a glimpse of Kev which, I was starting to wonder would ever be there!! I really hope that with continued rehab and physio (he is very weak) he will get there in the end :-)

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When you go for the review, take someone with you - it's hard to remember everything on your own. Write down everything you want to know so nothing gets forgotten.

Kev will not be the same person for the future but that is not to say that he will be worse - just not the same person you had before. Be prepared for a lot of hard work to get him back to the best he can be.

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Yes I am going with some of his family so we can all take notes of what has been said. I know its going to be a long long road and I just hope I am prepared for that. I kind of feel that I have been kept back from him (for his own good im sure) and they seem to frown on me calling or visiting so I feel like a big distance between us. Once he is home I am sure things will click back into place.

Try to look forward to this as another step towards tge future. Itll be fine, and ask lots of questions, start writibg them down now as you think of them

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remember hes going to have good days as well as bad.

when they consider sending him home, ask what sort of care he will need and make sure the care package is in place before you allow him home.

when he gets home his moods may change if you leave him because he ll be used to seeing you all the time

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