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Newbie here from the USA

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Hi! I've suffered a concussion in February 2018 and would like advice on returning to work with post concussion syndrome. I have not been back to work yet, and they are holding my job for me. Photosensitivity and headaches are the things that are mostly holding me back from returning to work. It's been quite the journey! I feel like I will never get there some days!

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In the UK your employer would have to consider your symptoms and look at ways to overcome the difficulty you have. I guess this would be issues around photosensitivity and any thing in the workplace which may cause the onset of a headache.

I know next to nothing about U.S. law but this link it to the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission and it appears our legislation and yours is pretty much the same.

Beyond that a phased return is usually a good approach.

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