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I need of serious advice from you experienced people


I have been diagnosed with post concussion syndrome after rugby 2 concussions been working having headaches..and once a month later drink some beers and been lifting my Mate and all was OK but next morning had massive headache and since then they don't want to stop. When eating feeling irritated and in pain..when having a beer slowly gives pain...like between ears pressure...back top of my mouth..im sensitive to heat from cooking or heater, shower. In fatigue..when driving I feel all the holes..my eyes very foggy when in bigger pain...Conclusions are difficult but Is this encephalopathia? My neurologist didn't diagnosed nothing besides post concussion... Is there any one with this illness? Pls . I'm not making this up like many people think :/

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PCS usually resolves within 6 months - I year but, in some cases, the symptoms can prevail for longer.

If your scans have shown no evidence of bleeding then your symptoms will be caused by bruising and nerve damage.

I suspect alcohol will aggravate a damaged brain so if you can limit your drinking (best of all avoid alcohol completely for a few months) you might feel some relief. (yes, I hear you jeering).

As far as I'm aware, rest is the only cure for concussion so your levels of exertion might also be slowing your recovery.

We, at Headway, know that you're not 'putting it on' but we know how friends & workmates aren't usually so understanding, so ignore any criticisms.

Avoid over-exertion (especially lifting people ! ) or anything which might slow down your recovery even further. You can't ignore a brain injury & hope for the best ; you need to start taking more care of yourself Mac, until you're free of symptoms.

Best wishes, and good luck. 😐 Cat x

Dizzykaren in reply to cat3

I have got post concussion syndrome. It can last some time so you need to take care of yourself. For me screens and travelling triggers symptoms so I try and limit this. Rest is very important too so I make sure I get enough sleep. It can be very frightening as it's possibly the longest you've been ill for but know that your symptoms are normal. Try and keep stress to a minimum (easier said than done I know). I wish you all the best with your recovery.

Sadly there is a lot of like this on here.

One of the problems we all encounter. is that on the outside we look good and everyone thinks we are fine.

Once the initial period has passed after your injury there is very little medical intervention. Paracetamol helps with the headaches but there are two main things that you can do:

Rest - which avoids any additional further damage (leave off playing for a while) and allows the brain to undergo its special repair process. The brain is much like when you damage a muscle it needs to rest to recover.

Clean living - which goes alongside rest and gives the Brain the resources its needs. So plenty of protein, nuts, fluids, vitamins etc. But also stop it having to work hard by removing all the toxins - alcohol, coffee, processed foods etc.

The severity of the "bang" and the number of previous head injuries, usually determines the length of recovery time. It is just a matter of time and taking it easy.

All the best for your journey

Thanks for the information and support! all u lovely people x

Thankfully you have been diagnosed so take the advice seriously and rest. Listen to your body and don't push to hard yet.

Getting a diagnosis can be the hardest hurdle to conquer. My diagnosis took a year , in which time I struggled to understand what was happening to me. Once diagnosed it helped me start to heal properly. This took time but at last I was on the right path.

Good luck and remember to rest.


Another question, I'm driving as service engineer and during the week I'm feeling more and more bumps in my van.. Is this damage my brain more? And making situation worse cos I'm driveg a lot? Difficult situation cos I have new born baby now :/

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