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Anyone else notice their attention not as good now and notice BI effects in other people more than themselves?


Since I had my BI 6 years ago my mum has noticed changes in me that I don’t notice myself but do notice in others with BI. One is walking like I’m stomping round. My mum says I walk like this which I don’t notice and I go to a BI group and a man who walks same as I do walked in and I noticed straight away. Another is sometimes I don’t notice people I know in street or not as aware what’s going on round me. I’ve noticed the man who set up the BI group I go to sometimes doesn’t seem to notice things going on round him when he’s doing something else. He does admit to struggling focusing on 2 things at once and I remember twice when woman who works with him has been winding me up about liking him and he’s not even seemed to notice.

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yeh my left foot, thats my numb side, so i know its down.

you mention your leader every time you post, i get the feeling you fancy him x

sammm2k in reply to steve55

My thought exactly Steve lol

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