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Does anyone else remember dreams a lot less after BI?

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Other week a man who set the BI group up that I go to was talking about how he hardly ever remembers his dreams since having BI. Got me thinking I hardly ever remember dreams now. One of men who attends said he has only recently started remembering dreams again, but he had a brain haemorrhage a year back. Both me and the man who set group up had actual BI completely different parts of brain and different recoveries but both in 2012. Anyone else noticed this?

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After a SAH in 2011 I clearly recall how upset I was that I'd stopped dreaming completely. I'd previously enjoyed swapping dreams with a friend each day, so it felt like I'd been robbed of something quite precious.

I later realised that I hadn't stopped dreaming. It was in fact that my brain hadn't healed sufficiently, so my memory wasn't up to storing the dreams 'til around 18 month post BI.

I must say my first post BI dream had me pretty elated & felt like a bit of a milestone. x

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Yea it is more likely that you don’t remember dreams than don’t have them. Short term memory is common effect of BI and it is something I struggle with and the man who set up BI group has problems with.

I can’t remember if I have dreamt since, but in fairness I rarely did before!

Hello All

Yes I was a great dreamer prior to encephalitis. I agree with Cat - I do still dream just have absolutely no chance of remembering them. I used to dream or recall fantastic stories along with the odd nightmare, which were as vivid as my stories were, so i have said a cheerful goodbye to them. Still I am very sad that I no longer recall my dreams as I used to enjoy exploring them and seeking out deeper meanings. My dreams were very much a release valve on the pressures of life as well as providing hidden pleasures of what my mind created during my sleeping hours. Pleased to hear that I am probably still dreaming at least my inner consciousness gets a chance for a little bit of entertainment! Clare

Yes, that's me. I rarely remember dreams now, unless I literally wake up in the middle of them. They are also more disconnected and surreal than before.

Hi Keeley et al. I stopped dreaming for 2 years from day of my spontaneous Haemorrhage in March ‘13. I’d also dreamed copiously prior to it, usually involving family & friends. Since starting dreaming again sometime in 2015, 1 year after I’d started my own health history research, my dreams since have also been pretty random and disconnected, not every night as before and no I don’t remember them now except perhaps one or two just forday lor so. I put that down to the short term memory loss whether it is or not the reason though, I don’t know. I think the content of my dreams is more related to a programe I may have watched during same evening.

Strange things BI’s with the effects, some of which obvious,y vary from person to person, depending on which part of the Brain was affected by the ‘injury’ to it.

Since my brain injury. I don’t dream as often.

I have no problems with my memory..

I only get little snippets where as before they would be crazy adventures, etc.

I used to be able to lucid dream but no chance now..

I hope this improves.

I liked my dreams

No dreams :(

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