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Severe back pain/shooting leg pain (possible sciatica not sure)


Hello everybody, I’m 21 and last April I was in a car accident and suffered a TBI. Since then I have every so often got light back ache but nothing major until, I woke up Thursday morning and I could not get out of bed. It took me 1 hour to get from one side of the bed to the other and then I rang my mum in a panic, who then herself called my nan and auntie to come round so all 3 of them could help get me out of bed. The pain in my lower back was blinding and I had shooting/stabbing pains up and down both legs. I eventually stood up with help either side of me, however as soon as I tried to walk my legs gave way, to which the pain was so great that I fainted and was completely unresponsive for about 2 or so minutes. Ever since then I have had to use a walking stick to get around. Every time I think it’s getting better I go to lay down after trying to stay active all day and then go to get up it’s just back to square one again. Has anyone else experienced this after an accident and what could it be/what should I do? Thanks

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Personally I'd ask my GP for a referral to an Osteopath who would almost certainly arrange for blood tests and a scan of your spine.

Hope you can get to the root of the problem Beth without to many elimination procedures....... xx

Morning, I'd agree with Cat that an osteopath may be the best route for sciatica.

But you don't need to be referred to go.

As with most things back pain related it's best to change activity every 15 minutes.

Maybe do some loosening exercises in bed before you try to get up?

If I get this (nothing to do with brain illness), I know which exercises to do to stave off an acute attack.

Keep moving, make that call and good luck!

In the meantime wheat bag, tiger balm, ibuprofen and gentle walking may be helpful.

This sounds similar to a problem I had long before my TBI, a sports injury which caused a slipped disc.

My GP advised me the waiting time for a referral was 2 months, so I decided to consult a private osteopath who not only helped alleviate the pain but also advised on stretching exercises to reduce the risk of a re-occurrence.

I do have days when my back will feel stiff in the morning, however doing the stretching always solves the problem.

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