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Going Out After 12hrs Nightshift... Really?!

Back from a rare 12 hr Night Shift.. Still flicking thru inet, TV, sandwich. Going to shower & skateboard out...

So what?!

Unthinkable 21 Days ago. Would be collapsing like burning plastic inwardly for my bed,darkness & Brain rest.

Oh, was Verbally Mr IQ, effective and in everything my "Old Self" prior 2001. Just One Hell Of a Rewind moment. No change on my other original symptoms.

Got to go, me out After nightshift, pull The other one, switch the Light out!


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Pull the other one ??

Just watch out for burn-out Ghost ! 😱 x


Morning Ghost. Phew skateboarding. I have trouble normal walking since 1985 and only getting worse with age. My GP asked me if I could walk heel to toe. Not a chance. So I'm now waiting for a date for an MRI scan. Take care. Dave

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All The Best for your scan. Do something nice /different after. Went for a meal & Pint of Guinness after my last scan for my back..I walk in swerves when not concentrating.. Must look tipsy too most.


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