Great day out

Hi all

It feels good not to be moaning for once

I took all your advice and had a full day out with family members to see the poppies in London

This is the first time in 15 months that I have spent a whole day away from my BI husband.

I have had a wonderful day & so has he, both missed the other, but then lovely to see each other when I got home

We DID need that time apart & hopefully having experienced it once, we will have the courage to do it again, thanks to help from a lovely support worker.

Will both sleep well tonight hopefully

Thanks for all your positive responses xx

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So glad you enjoyed your day out :) the poppies are awesome in every respect.

Enjoy your sleep and start a new day with a light heart.


I will, so much more positive now. Keep moving forward even if we do have backward steps as well.

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What a lovely, uplifting post, very very nice to read first thing. I'm delighted you both had such a positive day. Sometimes a bit of distance helps clear the mind and make everything seem fresher.

Good on ya. Best wishes,



Time apart is essential in any close relationship and to spend yours visiting such a worthy and meaningful spectacle must have really lifted your spirits.

So pleased for you & best wishes to you both. xx


Glad you had a good time.... a break is good for all concerned (even without a BI ;) ) and hopefully you will both feel confident and comfortable about making it a more regular thing

I am ever so slightly envious you got to see the poppies... I live in London but I am just not going to make it because of my tumbling antics....

Sweet dreams...


They were amazing but Dick would have hated all the crowds & would have been terrified at the traffic

I said a thank you to both our grandfathers that fought.

He was so pleased if a bit emotional when I told him.

We both slept really well last night & today has been good?

Will really try to make some time apart more regular even if it takes a bit of organising!!! Xx


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