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Update regarding breakdown (21 months after last post) after brain injury

So yesterday I wrote an update about all that has been happening/happened after my partner left me in April 2016 after he suffered a broken back and TBI in July 2015, I'm not sure how to get the old post with my update to the top for people to see so I have copied and pasted the link to read my update, what a horrendous time it has been


I'm sure some of you will recall my story previous


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Hi Becky

I can’t seem to see / find your update ,is it under another name ,I clicked on your link but is your up date from 2016 .

I hope there has been a huge turnaround and your family life has improved for the better .


If you scroll to the bottom of the page then the update is there, I've had 2 people read and comment on it so defo there, there has been a huge turn around with my partner coming home but there has been so much upheaval and upset in the process its been really hard to not break myself. It proves that although a relationship breakdown can happen after TBI it also shows that if your determined it can be fixed (to an extent)

Also to add (after you read the update) my partner has realised how much pain he has caused and is extremely apologetic and feels awful - I hope this doesn't cause any sort of disruption and guilt on his behalf, I knew he wasn't well and that's why I stuck by him, it wasn't just a case of he left, he got into another relationship very soon etc. I knew this wasn't the man I loved and this was a stranger who needed help


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