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Hi I’m new here

Six weeks ago I suffered a horrendous fall downstairs at home which knocked me out but not sure for how long. I had severe bruising, a small cut at the side of my eyebrow, lumps on front, back and sides of my head plus whiplash. My doctor says I have Post Concussion Syndrome. Some family and friends seem to think that now the bruising has just about gone from all over my body that I should be ok but I am very far from ok. I get fatigued very easily, can’t concentrate to read or watch tv, altered taste, everything is too bright or too loud, I’m weepy and anxious it’s just awful. I’m still off work and awaiting the results of a recent MRI Scan. I was wondering if anyone on here has had a similar experience and if they have any helpful or useful advice. I’m really struggling. Thanks

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Symptoms normally disappear over a period of weeks or months, although in a minority of cases the effects can last longer than a year.

Some good information here, from University of Utah:



Sorry about your fall Liz. The effects of PCS can be brief or last for 12months. Take time to rest and allow your bruised brain to recover, and avoid worrying if possible as it'll only add to your symptoms, especially the headaches.

Eat well, get lots of fresh air, gentle excercise and sleep, and wait 'til your symptoms abate before returning to work. I hope your recovery is just around the corner.................. Cat x

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lizches a short stretch of work then a long period of relaxation including hobbies as well as sleep.


I fell in June this year and have and still do have a lot of those things going on. It’s not as bad as it was,but still feeling the effects after 7 months.. they have told me it will take time. I am also having PNES seizures and still have double vision. Good luck !


Thank you for all your lovely replies and helpful advice 😊 Almost 10 weeks in now and very, very slowly getting better. Fatigue, concentration and taste still issues but hopefully they too will improve in time. I had a lovely chat with our surgery based mental health nurse and I was saying that I felt guilty that people were saying “ oh you’ve only had a fall - not as if you’ve had a stroke/car crash/been assaulted etc. “ and he said to me that my brain did not “know” or differentiate the mechanism of getting hurt/damaged - the result is the same. I found that really helpful when dealing with some family, friends and colleagues. An injured brain is an injured brain and that is it. Hope everyone is ok and doing well xx