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My upcoming surgery

I'm scheduled for head surgery February 6, 2018. I have a neurosurgeon & a maxillofacial surgeon working on me. The neurosurgeon recommended the other surgeon- seems like he's helping a younger surgeon get grounded. Tried to sell me on him, saying he could touch me up. The newer guy says he doesn't want to do anything but attach a cuatom prosthetic bone flap(his design) & then he would just love to consult me on further surgeries. I have sunken eyeball & he acts like its so easy to raise it and build me a new floor. He was almost cocky about it. I've consulted some excellent neuro-op. surgeons and they already advised against that saying Prism lens will retrain my eyes & they forsee my chance of recovered vision is about 50/50, not the best odds. But this dude is an army surgeon in US Ntl guard. I'm sure he'll pushing for more consults and surgeries, but I'm happy with my current looks. I don't have any questions. I mostly want to present what I've been through. This will be my second cranioplasty on the 6th. I was told I was same as before in December 2016 - but had bone flap resorption. That gets to me. Why did congresswoman G. Gifford get prosthetic right away! It should be standard policy at all hospitals presenting themselves as modern/tech-savvy/research oriented/tops in their locale. Typing w/right hand 'cos left is useless - worked fine b4 last bone fkap remova. Get This: nereer surgeon said to wash my head w 'hibiclens' 2 weeks prior to surgery. Ha, ha! Nurses were like,"No, follow our printed procedure!" My wife she protects me. Luck, & warm wishes to you all! ps: I survived aggravatd assault(baseball bat to head(feels like bee sting))

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Hi TurtleRicky

First talk with your wife and let her know how intimidates you feel about this "cocky" doctor.

Your confidence in the surgeons plays a big part in how well/quickly you get over the surgery.

When you have talked with your wife then you can decide what is best for you. It may just be the case of rotten bedside manners and that the suggested procedure might be the best option.

Please let us know how you decide.


Dear randomphantoms, thank you for your kind, thoughtful response. I am over here in Texas, but you made m feel good an calm

and in a hectic week! means a lot. I would let you know how I decide. I too emotional now,I kinda just wanted to say "I'm here& I hope I survive. This finewebsite looked friendly & informative. I was learning a lot and just posted cos I felt some need to.I am a energized superman in morning, but pained now it's my evening(always after full day). I will meditate on you & send you positive support for you & yours. Its my kind o prayer helps me through my pain, so I not entirely selfless. ha ha.


Have you heard of "pacing"?

Your expression " energized superman in morning, " will I'm sure resonate with so many of us. (Except the natural night owls)

Equally many of us KNOW that taking regular breaks is important if we want to get the most we can out of a day.

Wishing you all the very best.


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