My husband an daughter have gone out again and left me in the house with the dog and cat. I want to go out. I am lonely. Any body else fed up of being left by themselves. I had my tbi in 1988 any body want to talk?

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  • Hi Mufc, can't you go out with them?

  • Mufc, I know you use a wheelchair, but are you able to get to your local park with the dog ? You'd be certain to meet other owners walking their pooches and they're generally a friendly bunch.

    Our local park is a regular meeting place and some people take flasks of coffee in the winter months. My neighbour goes, intending to spend half an hour, but mostly comes back a couple of hours later saying she saw so & so ..............and so & so !

    I realise it's warmer on foot, but wrapped up well I bet you'd feel better for getting out of the house. I occasionally take a walk round the park when I need a change of scenery and, whilst I can't resist greeting any passing dog, their owners do love to chat.

    It'll be a bit empowering for you too Mufc. xx

  • I agree but my husband is worried about how I may act when I am out. I loose my temper often. He is not prepared to take the risk. I admit I say things when I think them and at the moment can not handle saying things that should not be said. In my opinion I need to experience situations and see if I can act properly. With my poor memory I can not go alone. I could not get home. We will see how things develope in the new year. I going to try and be stronger. Hope you have a good Christmas.



  • I'm sorry Mufc. There are too many lonely people, and not only at Christmastime. It's a shame that your husband & daughter can't take you out in the car, maybe to a local beauty spot where you can be yourself without judgement.

    I'm sure a trip out would not only be a welcome change but might give you something pleasant to dwell on afterwards, and lift your mood a little. I know your man has had his own issues but the exclusion you've mentioned a few times now sounds a bit selfish to me.

    I won't be alone on Christmas day, but spend much of my time alone otherwise. I quite enjoy reading (sorry it's a problem for you) and I have a collection of favourite DVDs....... .................each of which I can watch again after a few weeks as I've forgotten the details by then !

    I like mainly documentaries and true crime dramas but also enjoy well produced fiction. And by the time I've finished washing, chores etc., I'm too shattered to do much else anyway !

    I see my sister-in-law on Tuesdays and my son calls in quite often, but my mobility is deteriorating, so spending more time indoors these days.

    I really hope you can find some peace of mind m'love, but it might have to come from within. Inner strength is often the only thing we can depend on. Sending you my best wishes and a heap of hugs................

    Love Cat x

  • Sorry to be noisy but I am interested in how you developed your problems. I take it you had a good career?

    You have given me hope so thank you

    Best wishes


  • I had various careers, firstly computer data work, then childcare followed by advertising and finally working with offenders within the probation service.

    I became incapacitated with what I believed to be panic attacks but what, with hindsight, I suspect to be early (unheeded) warnings of the brain haemorrhage.

    I loved my probation work ; it was so varied & rewarding, and having to give it up was one of the hardest decisions of my life.

    But my brother said something so simple, yet profound when I remarked that life was sh*t because we knew he was dying. He said.............'It is what it is ; nothing more, nothing less.' 😔

    Night-night dear Mufc. xxx 💐

  • Happy Christmas Cat, just wanted to drop in and say that the strength and support you give to others is both amazing and inspirational. Sending you a huge hug for a wonderful day xxx

  • Thank you Oceanm (hugs are really welcome too !) xx

  • Hope you have had a pleasant day


  • Thanks to you too Mufc.........it's much appreciated. xx

  • Did you have a good Christmas . Have you got thoughtsto improve your living in the new year?

    Best whishes


  • ...Erm, could have been better Mufc. Had a bad headache for 3 days, but quite a nice Xmas day with family.

    I'm not sure about new resolutions though ; I make them every year but never quite get them into practice.

    And you m'love............how was yours ? x

  • Glad your day was a good as could be expected. In the new year I want to make more of an effort to socialise.I would love it if we could meet up. My husbandwill drive me any where I want to go and pick me up, so maybe we could meet up?

    Let me know your thoughts


  • Yes that sounds good Mufc. Let's wait 'til the worst of the miserable weather has subsided, and we'll need to work out a meeting place convenient to us all.

    But for now, it's a convenient time to wish you all the best for the new year.

    Talk again soon m'love.......x

  • Happy new year Cat. I hope you have a pleasant evening.


  • Thank you Mufc. I'm home alone tonight and TV is rubbish, so I plan to watch back to back episodes of 'Indian Summers' (great series a few years ago, with Julie walters) on dvd.

    Hope it's a pleasant evening for you m'dear. Sending all best wishes for 2018.........

    Love Cat xx ✨

  • Evening at home with husbandand dog daughterhas gone out with friend for a good night as I am sure we use to. Husbandmay take dog for a walk without me. So tv and wine for me. If you feel you want to communicate I am here. Take care


  • 😏 x

  • Personally, I would think your dog and cat would be excellent company for you at home.

    Do you read Mufc? With a good book, one is never bored or lonely.

    Forget about your husband and daughter whilst they are out and about. It could be much needed respite.

    Merry xmas.

  • I can not read very well. The words and lines jumble up. Yes I can read when I use a ruler to keep words in line. I have a cat. She is great company but does not talk back in English. They take the dog out with them.

    Enjoy your Christmas


  • Sorry to hear that you cannot read very well. Insist that your family take to you to the local library (when it's open of course!) Go straight to the talking book section and borrow a book that speaks to you.

    You know, I much prefer to hang out with animals than people. Animals always listen without judgement. They do converse through their body language. They wil never disagree with what you say!

  • I could not agree more. Animals do not judge you!


  • Do you have a cat or dog?

  • A dog called Artie. He is a mini wire haired fox terrier x griffen. I adopted him over six years ago. Artie keeps me going in many ways.

  • Enjoy they cannot make judgements like humans can.


  • Have you looked into joining a BI group? Headway being main one in UK. I was lonely before joining a BI group not headway and since joining I have been so much happier and starting getting into fitness through the man who set it up offering me personal training. I know you may not be able to manage the same but if you joined a group they could see how best to help you and you would get to know other people.

  • Thanks Keeley24

    I used to workout in a gym everyday after work so I would enjoy keeping fit. I do as much as possible in my home. Due to my disability I can only do 5 minutes at a time. I never use to like mixing much before the accident so I am not sure it would be of use. I prefer communicating on line. Not face to face. But there is a new year coming up so who knows what I will try.

    Best wishes


  • your not alone my love . you have all of us hear for you xxxx

  • Being alone is not easy and feel for al those that are.

    I often tried to work over the Chrostmas period when was able to work. I am fortunate now I have a partner but also for a few hours goes to see thier family for a few hours thankfully now they live not so far away. Take care Merry Christmas x

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