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Cant help but start freaking out and panicking

Hello all,

I am now Im my final month of waiting for my hospital appointment to see the hormone department and Ive been fine for the past 4 months of waiting for some sort of response from the hospital in response to my gp referral and what ever is happening has been driving me insane (soooo many issues) and Ive decided to google brain deterioration due to hormones because for some crazy reason Im convinced that my brain has decided after 17 years to give up and give in to my injury (which I have always been fearful of) (people think I am having a phantom pregnancy) bad mistake (just look at the first 2 hits) now I need to calm down and imagine that the solution will be simple and it will be an easy diagnoses and not a complex one.

Thankful my friend is coming to the appointment with me and my uncle has told my mum (as we still don't talk) that Im experiencing hormonal issues

What would you do in my situation ? I would vote for not touching the internet for a month but that would make my job very very hard ....

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Hi Bexx, why don't you give the Brain and Spine Foundation a call and speak to one of the neuro nurses; 020 7793 5900. I say this as I know hormonal/endocrine problems are rife in brain injuries.

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