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Chronic eadaches and Migraines

Hi All,

Sorry, I have not been on the site for a while-a bit down about the chronic headaches/migraines I am getting.

I have been under a Neurologist (and other consuktants) since my TBI in 2014. I have tried SO many things to try and ease them all, as they are so debilitating: - systemic drugs, acupuncture, diets, relaxation, exercise, natural medications etc. My sleep is poor and I am still having treatment for PTSD, but these headaches/migraines are something else! I suffer from a few different types, but more recently am getting severe headaches (cluster?), behind the eye/down the face /side of temple, which impact on my sight and cause numbness on my face-I have been checked for sinus issues-all is fine. They last for days no matter what I do!! Does anyone know about oxygen therapy as I have heard it might help? I was going to try Botox, but am scared of the possible impact on my neck, which is not great at the moment.


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Hi have you had any further scans following the onset of your symptoms? If not then if i was you i would insist on it. Also have you heard of Kore therapy? It realigns your skeletal structure through manipulation. I was amazed how it worked for me for my migraine. Its worth checking to see if there is a therapist in your area.

Good luck i wish you well xx


Thank you so much-I will explore this, as I have never heard of it and give it a go-just realised a letter is missing from the title!!


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