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Thought things where looking up

After my car accident in 2011 I've had a craniotomy and the bone flap removed to fix a blood clot from back of my head my memory has improved great considering I didn't know anyone didn't know I had a house or drive but as time passed everything came back to me, after all the years since my accident and getting my excruciating headaches under control I went to bed in April and while I was asleep I had a seizure and woke up to paramedics in my room and blood everywhere, I've went to app with neurologist and he's said it's symptomatic of epilepsy as you need to have more than one seizure to call it epilepsy and been put on medication to prevent any other seizures, I had to surrender my driving license soon as I had seizure and was told I could apply for it again in august and get it back in October but went to my Gp last week and asked him to fill application for license and he just up'd my medication without asking how I've been coping with the meds I'm on so I can't drive another 6 months from oct, I'm really not happy because they never examined me to find out how I was with dose I was on and my headaches are back even worse than before, can anyone recommend what pain relief I should try for these headaches as the are where my plate is, I'd appreciate your help deal with them thanks

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