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Feeling nauseous after mild BI


Hi everyone!

I was diagnosed with delayed concussion by a specialist and have been told that I will experience symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, confusion, lack of focus and depression as I recover over the next few months.

I was just wondering if anyone else has suffered from delayed concussion? I wake up every morning feeling very nauseous and therefore have to rest in bed for half the day which can get frustrating at times. Any advice would be gratefully received!

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Hello and welcome !! (Though, as I normally say, none of us really want to be here )....

I haven't had concussion, but I'm pretty sure that you will find plenty of recommendations from those that have.

However, I did have the nausea you describe from another condition and wondered if you might try the anti seasick wristbands which may help?( and they are non pharmacological so won't interfere with anything else).

Also ginger in any form can be helpful. Tea ? Crystalized? Biscuits?

Apart from that, plenty of fluids, lots of rest and a little fresh air ☺

Sophieehughes in reply to moo196

Yes, it's a bittersweet welcoming haha!

Oh that's a good idea, are those sold at Boots etc?

I actually really like ginger so will definitely try that!

Thank you so much :)

moo196 in reply to Sophieehughes

Yes, you can get them at chemist or travel shops.....or online if you are not up to going out. ☺

Is the nausea from spinning motion? i.e. the room spins etc? it's a fine line between waiting for stuff to fix with time, and getting help with problems.

about 8 months in I kept falling and was seen by the nerophysio over two months which may not of fixed my balance but gave me coping mechinsums

It's not from spinning motions no, but thank you for your help anyway! Hope you're doing well :)

sophiehughes maybe if you gave us some idea what your nausious bouts were like, then maybe somebody on here could help you.

Hi Sophie, unfortunately bangs on the head can disrupt the workings/connections with your balance mechanisms, i.e. The inner ear resulting in those feelings of nausea, it is vertigo.

You have already been given great advice, hopefully the rest will help.

Janet xxx

Hi Sophie and welcome.

How long ago was your injury?

Hiya and thank you! It happened two months ago but I didn't start getting symptoms until a month and a half ago


Hiya I had a stroke 2 years ago and used to feel really dreadful first thing before getting out of bed, once I'd been up a while it settled. I also suffered badly with travel sickness was skeptical that the wristbands would work but gave them a go anyway and was pleasantly surprised..didn't take it off completely but improved it a lot. :-)

Sophieehughes in reply to Hidden

Hi Rachel,

Yes for me it's always in the morning and then seems to get better throughout the day!

That's so helpful thank you, I will give it a go :)

Hi I had a concussion and would wake up nauseous for nearly 4 weeks after. Try arnica that was what my naturopath gave me and after a couple of days the nausea stopped

Sophieehughes in reply to asbas

Thank you so much, will definately give that a go!

I had post concussion not sure if this is the same thing? But yes, terrible sickness, it was triggered by light. I am just wondering when you say you wake up, do you find the light bothers you? All those symptoms above sound very "normal". As soon as I started to feel nauseous I would sit inside in a darkened room. I didn't go out lots at first and always had sun specs on (it was a bright summer) and ideally as I came out of the house. Zinc is good and another member recommended a book called Nosh for the Noggin (I think is the title). The best advice I can give you is to take everything at your own speed. The brain will tell you what it can cope with or can't. When you are ready to build up, do so slowly, people won't always understand. Give them a factsheet or point them to this website. Don't waste the little energy you have trying to explain to people... hope you start to feel a bit better soon. If you have more questions let us all know,

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