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Since my last post the nurses have advised my brother in laws GCS score has increased from a 4 to a 6. (He doesn't get any point based on verbal assessment as he has a tracheostomy fitted so I believe they put a T down for that)

Small progress in my eyes and he has also been moving away when we tickle him as he hates being tickled and he's been blinking and opening his eyes more often.


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  • Hi Victoria good news xxxxx


  • victoria91 good news

  • Hi Victoria, I found headway were really good to be in contact in the early days and even now. One thing they said is to do a diary and every day write down everything he does, no matter how trivial or small it was. Also write in anything the nurse tells you he has done when you are not there too. X

  • Thank you! Me and my sister are going there for a drop in session. We have started a diary and are recording any movement xx

  • Every person is different. But my partner had a very low score and it took him a week after withdrawing treatment, to even start showing subtle signs. The trouble is, the nurse or Dr's, expect a quick response every time they want it and twice they wanted us to withdraw treatment, but as I have been with him every day from day 1 to now, 11 weeks later, I saw every little thing and he is doing well. Although it is going to be a long road for him and no one can say now, how he will progress. But I have to stress, everyone is different, but headway will give you good support and advice. Sorry for waffling on and huge hugs for you all x

  • Really good news. Stay strong. It can take weeks or months as these small movements hopefully continue to develop - eye movements, small finger movements. As you know, the medics are looking for 'meaningful responses' so won't get as excited as friends and family when you notice these small movements. But they are very valid. Just make notes of them all in a diary, for as long as it takes. X

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