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A small correction

My loving friends,

You do not know how much your words value us. It is simply relieving. A small correction about my brother in law's accident is it happened in may 2015 last year now May 2016. Its beenalmost more than an year. Future looks so uncertain to us. We do not expect him as before at all but theqquestion is will he ever be able to recover talk and and walk ? Will he ever be able to tell us if he has to passmotion or urine. Or he has to be dependent on diapers forever. It is depressing. We are spending so muchon his daily needs streching much more than our ccapabilities.

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Stay strong sanju stay strong. My heart is with you and your family and I truly know its the the uncertainty that grates you. But you have hope and he's in the best possible care (i hope). Take care and have a positive Wednesday. Nick Xx


Sanju, it is not really possible for us to answer these questions. Your brother in laws medical team may be able to give you some idea of prognosis in the longer term but bear in mind that the brain is a very complex organ and only partially understood. No one can tell you for sure.

I assume your brother in law has access to some kind of rehabilitation therapy following his discharge from hospital? If not it would be worth speaking to his team to secure this. Progress can continue to be made, in incrementsl steps, for years.


Just never give in keep battling forwards maybe joining a Headway Group they try to stimulate the Brain with others also having had brain trauma I had a stroke at the same time so had to learn to walk again like a toddler I thought I was walking upright but physios told me I leaning backwards I had to find my central line which I did my short term memory is still not good but I keep notebook & pen by the phone its adjusting & acceptance but determination kept me going on the walking I now go to the gym had someone told me that when in re-habitations I would have laughed but I've got there working out it takes time my friends


Oh dear.....I'm not doing so well today, reading all the posts in the wrong order :) I wonder if your brother in law has had help with rehabilitation. It's a very long time for the family to cope with no assistance. I would definitely call the Headway Helpline for advice....I've posted the telephone number below xx

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Sanju, I apologise for the misunderstanding about the date of your brother in-law's injury. I'm so sorry to hear that there has been so little progress in his recovery.

What have his doctors told you about his condition ?


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