Doh ........ Doh

Doh ........ Doh

So one of the most bizarre things about head injuries seems to be our ability to randomly do stupid things and it is always when we think things are "normal"

This morning I was cooking some rice and used a cloth to lift the lid to check progress. It wasn't quite ready so put the lid back on and did something else.

A few minutes later there was a set of flames coming from the side of the cooker and the worktop - the cloth I had used, I had placed next to the burner and it had ignited. I picked it up and put in the sink to douse it.

And then did exactly the same with a second cloth.

Do I recall doing it once or even the second time. Do I know why I did it and didn't take more care the second time - of course not. Just one of those post injury mysteries.

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  • eek! flames! please get an oven glove, a really attractive brightly coloured one if possible with an alarm on it and flashing lights! think I've just uncovered a niche in the market! noisy oven gloves! now, let me see... where did I leave my sewing basket? x

  • With fathers day coming up ....... it could be an option :-)

  • Oh don't worry, you're in good company! We have a heat-proof cover for pan handles (Looks like a small mitten) and I put it on too close to the flame. Whoops!

    It's important tht you're not too hard on yourself, not all our 'moments' are BI related, everyone has daft moments sometimes! :)

  • i am forever doing silly things like that haha!

  • Yep sounds familiar. Not burned a cloth yet...............But managed to melt an aluminium pan over a burner enough to seal it ....Oh and it wrote off the cooker.

    I think I had lowered the lid previously without turning off the gas. Then lit a different ring and put the empty pan on what I thought was an unlit ring.

    I now have a sign reminding me to check cooker before leaving kitchen.


  • As scary as mine - at least we are here to smile at the stupidity

  • Would like to say it was a one off but have dispatched two cookers so far. Also have a tendancey to misplace car keys to find them in the fridge or freezer...yep I have no idea why

  • The number of things I have broken as well so far is incredible and very expensive. The one I feel most guilty about was when I knocked something off the mantle piece and destroyed a 300 year old large china pot holder that was on the hearth :-(

  • I went round and round and round our tiny bathroom this afternoon - I'd been replacing the loo seat, and I couldn't see the fixings for the new seat anywhere. I checked the floor, emptied the box of the packaging, looked behind the radiator in case I'd balanced them on the towel and knocked them off, checked the edge of the bath, the sink, the windowsill, then ran out of options. I kinew they had been there, because I'd been good and checked all the contents of the box against the instructions. So how had they disappeared completely into thin air?

    Finally found them in the bin. Of course. Where else would you put them??!

    My best 'less than lucid' moment recently came in a conversation with our local Director of Ordinands. I need to be able to convince this chap that despite my quirks, I might be able to fulfil some kind of position in ministry. It was sort of like an interview. I thought we were having quite a reasonable chat, until he came out with a question that had me stumped and needing help and prompting.

    What was that, I guess you are all wondering? Something incredibly difficult, like pondering the possibility of God in a broken world of evil and terror?

    Nah. He asked me how old I am........

  • Toilet seats are the bane of my life - 2 daughters, 2 sons and a wife. Every few months I have to put it back on and every year it gets replaced . I have no idea what goes on but wish they would stop it and the amount of toilet of toilet roll ......

    The number of things I also lose during the day is really crazy, I can have them in my hand and then lose them the next minute. I have even walked around looking for things and the wife has asked what it is I have lost and she will say - "like the one in your hand?"

    The age question stumps me as well, bizarrely soon after my injury I couldn't do my signature and started writing down my address as one I had 13 years previously.

    If there is such a thing as an almighty being, they must have been in a funny mood when they thought mankind needed these symptoms when you damage your head !

  • I cannot remember the phone number of this house. Been here 15 months. Never learned the number for the old house. Was there 5 years. Can remember my number as a girl though 30 odd years ago. It's like early onset dementia....I am sure one day someone will find me trying to eat my wedding ring, like my grandma did....

  • I've Gone in the Oven to retrieve the dinner with bare hands several times throughout the year.... Don't have a oven or a girlfriend to watch out for me anymore.

    Microwave days when certain headaches arrive. :) Easy no hassle Times.

  • Done that a few times - is that hot ? lets touch it to check .......

  • I've also gone to the oven thinking my roast should be nearly còoked to discover iv switched it off or not even turned it on and set the microwave alight a few times now. on oven number thrèe and microwave number 5 in 3-4 years oops yet my pip assessor scored me 0 supervision for cooking and yes I can't tell you how many times I've burnt myself just grabbing stuff from the oven

    Lew-ann x

  • LOL! my hubby couldnot before his B.I nevermind after!

  • Try one of the new fangled plastic oven gloves. They're great. They're like a frogs mouth shape, so way to small to dangle near flames. Dishwasher proof. Ideal for a person who has the ability to test health and safety to its limits like me. I'm fortunately (or unfortunately) in the other camp. Hubby has in the last put the dish in the oven and left me with the simple instruction to 'turn it on' at x o'clock so it's ready for him coming back. Oops .......I am no longer a user of ovens, too many burns never mind the potential for destroying the dinner. I'm allowed to use the microwave, if I can just remember to turn it on :)

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