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How long to hear?

I got DLA and I thought it was for life but now the Government have decided to change it to PIP.

I had a face to face assessment. I took my Mum and the head of Hull Headway.

Everything that had been told to this imbecile assessing me was ignored.

Its been reviewed for a mandatory reconsideration but how long is it till I get answers?

I'm paying my rent with savings at the moment and this isn't going to last long

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Hi Spideyman

It can take several weeks unfortunately....it's not good. When they do make (hopefully the right) decision any award they make will be backdated, so with luck and a sensible appeal assessor you will be able to replenish your savings.

Check out housing benefits rules on savings too - you may be eligible for support in paying your rent.

Good luck


So sorry to hear you are going through this issue with your DLA to PIP benefit review. I am surprised to hear that they have stopped your DLA while you go through the reconsideration! My hopes are with you that it is all sorted soon and you get the PIP benefit that you should be entitled too. Benefits are a minefield in lots of ways for us with a BI.


I hope they change their mind and give you back payments and start paying you pip,

Take care,



Thing is i got DLA and ive had a stroke since i got that. Now its changed to PIP im now actually worse


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