Nice to have a read on here, not been on for a while but this was a good help for me when I was struggling 6 months or so ago. Nothing important, a relaxed question for a change. I've been on the search for a good book- has anyone got any recommendations? I like a good classic and want one as good as Dracula, The Diary of a Nobody or A Handful of Dust. Books have helped me massively and I like the escapism. These are only 3 I can think of just now that I loved. I can't get into Dickens or even War of the Worlds which I recently got given.

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  • Books or ebooks?

    Rather depends on what type of books? If you liked Dracula then maybe some of the original Sherlock Holmes?

  • Thanks, I've heard those books are good- definitely something new to try! Some books I've read have been so well written, they have changed me in some slight way. Another I read and loved was Moulin Rouge, think my taste in books is a bit odd! Out of maybe 10 books I look at in the classic section, only one will grab me.

  • Books- I hate screens! I couldn't imagine reading a story on a screen, a book's like a companion :)

  • Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein".

  • Read it about 12 years ago and loved it- thanks!

  • Do you have a favourite genre?

  • I enjoy classic literature but am open to other books. A book I'm halfway through and find fascinating (but intense) is The Eternal Frontier by Tim Flannery. I am now very interested in trees and believe more should be given protection grades.

  • The Secret History by Donna Tart. I read this pre abi but I still love dreaming of it

  • Thanks- 'll look into that!

  • Dosteyovskey's 'Crime and Punishment' comes top on my list of fiction ; I found it hard to put down. I read it years ago but, because it's so fascinating, I re-read it recently & enjoyed it even more second time around. x

  • I've tried to read his books but I found them too complex!!! I'm trying The War of the Worlds again as it's apparently a masterpiece :)

  • I wouldn't say it was complex but does have many fascinating characters, rather like a Dickens novel ; some gory bits though so not for the faint hearted ! But what a brilliant story.

  • Ok maybe not complex but intense! That was just what I found- I did try and read one, it starts on a train from Moscow going through Russia- I think!

  • The Idiot - Fyodor Dostoyevsky :)

  • Yes, brilliant book ! But the I do like the 'darker' material ! I tend to stick to none-fiction these days ; usually murder cases and the ensuing trial. I'm just fascinated (and saddened in equal measure) by the act of murder and the motivation behind it.

    But I'm also gripped by survival stories (have to be factual) and recently read the case of Judith Tebbut who, whilst on holiday at a Kenyan beach resort with her husband in 2011, was captured by Somali pirates and held for ransome, in appalling conditions, for 6 months. What a courageous woman. xx

  • Oh Cat, you have made me laugh out loud, I thought I was the only one who enjoyed the 'darker' real life stories of murders and how the perpetrator's mind works. Sometimes at night I watch the most chilling tales, sometimes scaring myself half to death jumping out of my skin when my cat comes thundering downstairs when I've thought he was out for the night!

  • Oh I'm glad I've had that effect Deborah ; not the response I usually get from people who see my bookshelves.........It's usually a grimace, especially from my daughter.

    I'm cat-less now but had cats all my life, and I certainly remember their innocently scaring the life out of me by pushing a door open when I was watching a scary film in the dark ! x

  • 'Almost Auf Wiedersehen' by some idiot called 'Andy Nicholson' is a cracking good read, an absolute rollercoaster from start to finish, a rollicking ride through the highs and lows of brain injury, Germany, the UK, burning down buildings and coma fun :)

  • Hi, thanks yes that sounds good for next time I get obsessed with the brain. Currently I am trying not to focus on that part of my life although I'll go down that path again many times I am sure. I'm experiencing quite a high in my life at the moment and good to know others are in a similar way with the up and downs, the highs and lows :)

    Obviously that terrible programme from the 80's came in my head when I read the title, men in baggy jeans and big sweat-shirts- ahhhhhhh :D

  • Don't disrespect the baggy jeans, they got me through the trauma :)

  • Ha ha, I remember them well and hope no one was offended, loved the 80's, crazy times with a crazy fashion thing going on :)

  • The Valchi papers true crime and there is a recipe for meatballs

  • One of my favourite classic novels is Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton.

  • 0Another little gem is 'The Yellow Wallpaper'

  • Have you read Wild Swans (I can't remember who wrote it). It's a fascinating story of the Mao era in China and how the government persuaded the whole country that things were great when, in fact, most people were starving to death.

  • Thanks everyone, I've a lot to check out now! :)

  • Hi

    Really depends what sort of book you like.

    I love anything involving military history of 20th century particularly WW1,WW2,Korean War and Vietnam War .A large book I struggled to put down once started was 'Stalingrad'; almost unbelievable !

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