Good afternoon all , just wanted to say that I was in Tesco yesterday getting a few things, it came to picking out a loaf of bread , but my goddess could I choose one ☝️ I started sweating and felt totally overwhelmed , This was a new experience for me I could feel myself panicking ... I just picked up one in the end. But my goddess it was like walking on fire , not that IV done that . Just wondering anyone else have a similar experience etc . I feel a little silly to be honest but wanted share it . Not the bread it was horrible , I should have spent longer choosing one lol. That's it rant over😏

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  • Hey I know exactly what you mean. I moved 6 months ago into new apartment and I wanted to decorate it. I went to home bargain and nearly got a panic attack when choosing pillows for the sofa. I felt ridicolous after that. So much energy and attention for pillows?! The choice can be overwhelming, I think it is because after BI, I want things to be as easy as possible. I read once that people who climb mountains in winter are always prepared for everything and have packed food with them because they dont want to waste energy on wondering what to eat or how to prepare it. I think this is how I felt, like losing energy for something so silly.

    As for Tesco - Im on gluten free diet so I have limited choice on free from range. I appreciate that a lot now :)

  • iwona i stay away from home bargains and let my wife go in, because i panic in crowds and noise.

    we had thad those in the armed forces , just drop the sachets into boiling water, 1 hot meal.

  • Yes I have problems with being able to weigh up the choices or information and make a decision. It has a big affect on managing every day life! And yes grocery shopping is one of my many challenges. I need my garage door replaced but I can't even decide between the many companies to ask etc etc etc

  • I think it's quite common Patrick, although maybe mine is just an allergic reaction to my other half taking me on a 'retail therapy' trip ;)

  • I often get like that, even for something as unimportant as choosing a sandwich to eat for lunch when I'm out, I'm not fussy but I want everything to go right. I find we decide these things based on how we react emotionally, however I don't always feel emotion when I need to show it post BI. It means taking longer to decide and figuring out what I wouldn't like, what I've had before and eventually leaving one choice I'm maybe not so confident about. I wish I could spend more time focusing on things that really matter.

  • I can see this happened to other pepole and in fact shopping has come up allot on here,you are not alone! I noticed you said "my Godess" was that a typo or are you Pagan,like me? Oh and welcome

  • Hi its not silly I get like that over the littlest of things there is too much for your brain to take in. There's all that choice in front of you, plus you have to choose one and your brain can feel like its in a washing machine :-)

  • Thanks everyone for your reply, I'm not alone that's reassuring I guess. Ps was just back in Tesco with my partner and it was no hassle at all. Bread challenge over . Thanks again x

  • Result :-)

  • pat rick just hot not dizzy?

  • Hi Steve, Maybe a little dizzy and I definitely got hot blushing kinda

  • pat rick has this happened before when you were at home or out and all of a sudden you felt woosy?

  • Yes it has Steve ,on the tube walking to the shops ,I always have my ear phones on when I'm out . To block out distractions

  • Hi Pat, Doc Mal here 😀

    Diagnosis: Tescoitis - inflammation of neural pathways in supermarket environments.

    Causation: Environmental shock caused by too many bright lights and coloured packets, trolleys with a mind of their own, inconsiderate fellow customers, ridiculously loud tannoy announcements, automaton-like staff, the occasional screaming baby and oblivious parent; and the need to simultaneously remember to bring not only the list of stuff you need but also all the bags to put it in.

    Symptoms: panic ahead of automatic sliding doors; Hot flushes when presented with more than 3 types of breakfast cereal; generalised and advancing state of leg weakness as the aisles go on and on and on, leading in cases of severe exposure to near collapse when presented with a sofa, quiet environment and cup of tea.

    Treatment: Three or four courses per month of internet shopping, preferably alongside a talking cure of personal shopping assistant (aka spouse/ partner) to check web entry.

    Prognosis: pretty good if you can avoid the place!

    As a now recovered fellow sufferer myself I can recommend the above course of treatment!😀

  • Thank you Doc mal

  • I had my stroke in a Teco car park and get a strange feeling whenever i enter a store.

    I know where your coming from. information overload can be a problem.



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