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Felt like a child

Finally after nearly a year went for my speech therapy last Monday thought I was doing ok I know I stumble sometimes but I've taught myself to just use alternative words if i cant think but when i was given a childs flip book why couldnt i think what some of these things are and then repeat a sentance mmmm 2 seconds later I don't know what was said something about someone going to a park and name things beginning with t how hard was that so another appointment made for next month and got my homework also back to addenbrooks in May they said they wouldn't need to see me again so I assume it's just a year check up o well best do some more of my homework think it's red things today mmm tomato strawberry I will be hungry after this have a good day everyone

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Hey Dizzy............good to see you again. I think it's great you're following this programme and I really believe in mind exercises and repetition as great memory boosters.

Each night after switching out the light I do a mental search for any manner of subject, such as flowers, trees, girl's names, boy's names, countries, cities etc., etc. beginning with a particular letter, which is good exercise and tiring enough to induce sleep.

I have a daily crossword and online card games to keep my brain exercised too. And there's that children's game 'My aunt went to market'................ and she buys a great long list of things which you have to remember (best when played with my grandson). Whatever feels right for you ...........go for it.

And of course reading can help with word recall. I'm re-reading 'Catcher in the Rye' ; a 60s classic & very, very funny.

Good luck with it m'dear, and I hope all's well at next week's check up. Love Cat x


Thank you cat I will get there in the end no doubt I will post after my year check up x


Ok Dizzy........... xx


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