Talking to small child about Daddy's injury

Hi everyone. I'm new to the group. My partner (36 years old fit and healthy) suffered severe hypoxic brain injury 6 weeks ago. We have a 3 1/2 yo daughter. We are very open and honest generally as a family and i am telling her what is appropriate at this stage. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has been/ is in a similar situation particularly having experience of talking to young children. Can provide more info in a PM. Thank you in advance. X

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Children in my experience cope best with straight facts, at 6 weeks I assume it's still fairly unknown, as to outcomes.


Thanks. Yes we have absolutely no idea of how much recovery will be made but we are expecting him to be cared for as an inpatient in a specialist neuro rebilitation hospital. there is a very significant amount of global brain damage. He is not able to respond to commands but has regained limited awareness of surroundings and some movement in head, arms and legs. I'm hoping there may be someone out there who has gone through this kind of situation



My partner suffered a hypoxic brain injury over three years ago. He went through various odd stages before being discharged home early 2014. We're older, no young children to consider, so I don't have advice in that direction other than, in my opinion, it's best to be honest. ( I do have grandchildren who appear to have accepted the different person he has become, but I guess that's not the same as your daughter being there on a daily basis).

I know everyone recovers differently and it's very early to know how your partner will progress, but if I can help at all please feel free to pm me.



gardenrose my heart goes out to you. thankfully i wasnt in that position when i had my abi.

my daughter is an adult,

and although she finds my behaviour hard to accept sometimes, my wife explains thats the way i am now. ( my daughter lives and works in dubai ).

actually keep it simple, get the " professionals " to explain it to you, then have a with your daughters nursery teacher, get some ideas from there.

hope that helps. good luck and welcome to the group


Another coincidence - my daughter also lives in Dubai!! 😃


jhn62 sorry dont remeber seeing a post from you any where


My boys were 4 and 7 at the time of my brain injury. Dec 2015. The brain injury team got them a video clip to watch that helped. Ask at the hospital they should be able to source it


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