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Ruby Wax - frazzled

Ruby was in Melbourne recently as part of the annual comedy festival.

I was fortunate to see Ruby perform the other night and she was superb. Ruby talked about her psych admissions with depression. She now practices mindfulness to alleviate the terrible feelings of depression with a combination of medication and humour. She spoke about her ongoing mental health struggles with some seriously funny personal anecdotes. I am now a devoted fan of Ruby.

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Hi Claire ! I've always had a soft spot for Ruby Wax. She has such vivaciousness and wit (and fabulous red lipstick).

I remember her interview of the odious OJ Simpson after he'd been acquitted of his wife's murder (and that of her partner) where she tried her best to be civil in order to trick him into a false sense of security, whilst frequently making grimacing faces at the camera behind his back. It was a serious subject but, as they sat together in the back of his limousine and he put his arm around her, the look of utter revulsion on her face was priceless !

It's so often the case, as you'll know, that the most humorous folk suffer deep, incapacitating depression ; people like the brilliant Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers and Tommy Cooper.

And when a subject, however serious or sensitive, is delivered with touches of humour it's always so much more palatable and memorable. Full marks to her for giving mental illness the publicity it so badly needs and helping to chip away at the prejudice. E.xx

(must be time for a catchup) x

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Hi E!

I too, love her ruby red lipstick and of course her razor sharp wit. I have posted her promotional pic here for all to enjoy.

I agree with your views about humorous people with mental health issues. A classic example is Spike Milligan's grave which is inscribed 'I told you I was ill.'

Good to see that your broken metatarsal has been reviewed and you can now mobilise with a cam boot. I bet that made you feel a lot better. Something so basic as being able to attend to your own personal care without struggling is liberating.

Now back to Ruby Wax, her picture (the same one as posted here) is now on my fridge door as a reminder to keep smiling in this frazzled crazy world.

Claire xx


The boot's a problem I'm afraid as it has caused acute pain to the damaged area after fitting at the clinic. I'll get back to you again tomorrow Claire ; see you later ! xxx


The fact that in order to understand her own brain she went and did a Masters degree at Oxford University - now that's what I call grabbing the bull by the horns. Had a long chat about mindfulness with her during her studies - passionate and engaging.

Her post-studies comedy mental health road show and more recent frazzled café at M&S is driving the message to street level - we are not all invincible, mental health issues are not a barrier to work or have a family, its ok to talk about and share vulnerabilities in a facilitated supportive environment, if you don't share and keep things inside you get frazzled.

I have a lot of time for Ruby and the culture change she is managing to bring to society regarding attitudes to mental health. She does make me laugh also! Glad you got to see her perform Claire.


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Definately RecoveringH, I couldn't agree more with your comments. Ruby is doing it all on her own across the globe. With gusto. And yes, she is well informed about mental health issues due to achieving a Psychology degree and then as you mentioned, her Masters in Mindfulness. All this, in spite of the mental health adversity she has personally endured.

It would have been a huge privilege for you, to meet and discuss mindfulness with Ruby during her studies. She is a loyal and genuine woman with an infectious smile! The perfect package ....intelligence, wit and inner beauty that transcends all, to change the universal stigma of mental illness.

Claire xx

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