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My husband Simon collapsed at work and complaining of severe headache last May. He was taken to A&E 6 hours later he was sent home without any tests. 2 days later an ambulance was called as he again collapsed this time he could not get up, he was rushed to QE when I was told they would do all they can for him, it was found that he had a blockage in the brain (colloid cyst) he had a operation to insert a drain since then he has had 5 further operations.

This had left Simon with some brain damage he is blind and his long term/short term memory is affected. He has also been diagnosed with Parkinsons whilst in hospital.

Simon has come a long way in a year however it's likely he will remain in a care home due to how complex things are with him.

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Hi and welcome to the group, I hope you get as much from it as I have, everyone is really friendly and you will always find someone who is going through something similar to you if you need advice or just a kind shoulder xx love to you all

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Welcome to the group. I don't fully understand the nature of Simon's challenges but appreciate you have some as well. Confirmation to us all that health is more important than anything else. Good luck to you both x


So sorry to hear of your husband's condition and for how you must be feeling as a result. Please know that we're always here if/when you need some company or support.

Love Cat x


Hi Couchym, welcome to the forum, your husband has been put through a lot and the hardest thing can be watching a loved one go through pain and suffering and you can't do much to help them. You mentioned he was sent home after he first collapsed, I had that done to me. A&E really are only set up for physical injuries anyone else they can have a tendency to just monitor and either send to a ward or send them home. I am sorry to hear what he has been left to deal with.

Please know that whenever you need a chat, if your concerned or upset there is always someone on here that will respond x



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