Returning to work

Hi everyone, I've had a meeting with hr and my manager, whom I have to say we're very understanding and accomadating. It is two and half months since my SAH, and although I think I've done very well, until I go back to work, it's difficult to determine what I can or can't do. I'm a senior in a care centre, a responsible and at times stressful job, but I am going back on twenty hours, only half day shifts, I will be surplus to the shift to start with and see how I get on, so watch this space xx

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  • Well done for having come so far. Good luck with the job, don't get overtired though.

  • Hope it goes okay :) well done you for getting where you are that's great that they're being understanding hopefully that will continue once you're back. Pace yourself! :)

  • Best of luck. You're being very brave.

  • Thank you for your replys, I don't feel brave, I'm going back because I have to, financially struggling and won't know unless I try. I have the option of changing my job from senior to carer or even cleaner if I can't do my job, So my options are open. I don't start back until mid April, and will be even stronger by then.

  • Starting back at work is hard! Just make sure you don't overdo things

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