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Hi everybody, I've just had a lovely week away at my daughters in Portsmouth, but forgot how tiring a ten hour coach journey was even before my stroke lol, I was very apprehensive as its first time I've travelled on my own since but was a very straight forward journey but was very relieved when we arrived in Manchester. I'm sat here now and can see everything that needs cleaning at home, son and two big dogs left at home, but don't have the energy,do they sell it at tescos, oh well back to one step at a time.xx

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Maybe your son needs some housekeeping lessons? Unfortunately the dogs can't learn how to clean.

Glad you had a lovely time, even with the extra cleaning, getting away was surely worth it.

Just a thought.... could someone else look after the dogs next time you go away so there is less to do when you get home?


His housekeeping has improved since my stroke, but it's that old saying they don't clean as well as me, yes it was nice to get away, living room and kitchen done , that's it for today.


Great you got away but yes it's tiring! Just don't over stress the dust, it's not going anywhere!....says me who would want the Dyson on asap but really maybe we are all wrong on that front as others seem quite happy to live amongst the mess! ;) Do it in your own time and don't rush! xx


No not stressing, it's not worth it. Xx


You're quite right! X


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