So frustrating

God I wish I could just get up and do normal things. I've been resting up for a couple of weeks after having a bad seizure. I thought enoughs enough and I'm going to get up today. I tried to do some normal things just sorting things out that had been missed. But the more I did it the more I could feel pressure in my head. I've had to return to bed, and the left side of my face has been affected again. Its so frustrating, sorry just venting, sorry for moaning

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  • Sometimes it's good to drop down a few gears after a rough period. I remember after I came out of hospital after meningitis & told to take it really easy, I started by sitting in bed with drawers around me, sorting them out. Then I sorted all the family photos from a cardboard box and arranged them in photo albums....................followed by (slowly/gradually) sorting jewellery boxes, wardrobes etc ..............ended up sorting every cupboard in the house by the end of a fortnight.

    Just do what you sensibly can Angie. You should find your stamina increases a bit more each day and even 'ticking off' small jobs can give you a sense of accomplishment. xx

  • Hi Cat the neuro conditions I have mean I can judge whats just the right pace. Each time I have a seizure it seems to cause more damage. I do have a lot of pressure and pain in my back when I move, and I can feel it moving up my spinal cord when it gets to my head it causes so much pressure. It didn't help when I went into hospital with the start of guillain barre syndrome that the registrar took 6 goes to get fluid when he did a lumbar puncture. I can feel like someone has wiped out all my thoughts memories and the basics when I have this pressure. I find I have to sleep a lot.

    What you say is right and very kind of you Cat, your a lovely lady xx

  • Thanks Angie ! Take it easy & I hope you get some 'mojo' back before too long. xx

  • I hope so I had an assessment for a new trauma therapist this week along with a local group with disabled people in the same predicament that I've had to cancel. I can't speak I'm just making noises and my body is fighting me. Good job I'm a stubborn devil ;-) I hope your having a good weekend xx

  • Hi Cat I managed to do little bits today, like you said just little bits gradually. I must admit I did feel really poorly yesterday, and I'm in pain today but nothing I can't cope with. How are you today x

  • Sorry to hear this and hope you pick up a little soon. And it is not moaning. That is why we are here.

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