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Post CT Scan of Brain and MRI Scan of whole body

You may remember that the result of the CT scan to the head showed, what I was told is brain tumour. The MRI body scan was clear but my GP has phoned and told me that what had been called a tumour is in fact CAVERNOMA (hope I have spelt that right.) and not so serious. I am to see the Neurosurgeon/doctor next Thursday to discuss medication. Has anyone else this problem and if so how does it affect you? I have to say that so far I have no symptoms apart from the occasional muzzie head, slight head ache. This was discovered whilst scanning for slight memory problems and unexpected. Any advice welcome. Thanks.


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I remember your news well Dennis and how relieved you were. The Cavernoma issue is like any other brain issue, in that every case is different. The basic classifications each require a particular treatment, but each category contains many variables depending on location, size, accessibility etc......

And it's those variables which make all the difference in outcome. So it might not be helpful to rely on anecdotal evidence from someone with (what appears on the surface to be) an 'identical' problem to your own. Many of us here with haemorrhages, for example, had vastly different symptoms when the bleed happened and have different types and levels of incapacity as a result.

But put us all together and a pattern (of sorts) does emerge............................. e.g. we're almost all tired most of the time !

Your post suggests you're not having surgery, so after-effects should be kept to a minimum. Perhaps other members can offer more insight into your condition ? I hope your consultant will offer a definite treatment regime, and that you'll feel reassured by talking with him/her. Love Cat x


I would give headway a call and see what sort of specialized info they may have on it. Hope your meeting goes well next week


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